Our disclosure log publishes responses that we have provided under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). They are displayed by subject and in the order in which they were received. If you would like to make a request under the FOIA please check here first to see if the information you need has already been released.

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Title Description FOI Category Date Received
Ref no FOI.2023.0606 Response FOI/2023/0606 - Carbon emissions 2019/20 to 2022/23 Estates and facilities 21/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0605 Response FOI/2023/0605 - Blood tests in Emergency Services Trust services 21/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0604 Response FOI/2023/0604 - Patient flow system Information technology 18/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0603 Response FOI/2023/0603 - Treatment of dermatological conditions Pharmacy 18/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0601 Response FOI/2023/0601 - Payroll supplementary pay runs Human resources 17/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0600 Response FOI/2023/0600 - Hysteroscopy procedure Patient treatment 17/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0598 Response FOI/2023/0598 - Waiting times for talking therapies/ counselling/ CBT Trust services 17/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0597 Response FOI/2023/0597 - Software solutions for ERP, CRM, HR, finance and payroll Information technology 17/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0596 Response FOI/2023/0596 - 3rd party providers for Bank staff Human resources 17/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0594 Response FOI/2023/0594 - Asthma Treatment Pharmacy 16/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0592 Response FOI/2023/0592 - Procurement staff organisation chart Organisational structure 16/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0591 Response FOI/2023/0591 - Healthcare Assistants agency rates 2023 Finance 16/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0589 Response FOI/2023/0589 - International nurse recruitment Human resources 15/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0588 Response FOI/2023/0588 - Radiology staff agency spend Finance 15/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0587 Response FOI/2023/0587 - Renal Dialysis capacity Trust services 15/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0586 Response FOI/2023/0586 - Children treated for E-scooter injuries Patient treatment 15/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0585 Response FOI/2024/0585 - Trust policy for the assessment of developmental Dysplasia of the hip (DDH) Trust policy 15/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0580 Response FOI/2023/0580 - Prescribed puberty blockers Patient treatment 14/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0581 Response FOI/2023/0581 - Treatment of Haemophilia Pharmacy 14/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0579 Response FOI/2023/0579 - Procurement for specialist seating for patients Procurement 14/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0578 Response FOI/2023/0578 - Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) patients Patients 11/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0577 Response FOI/2023/0577 - Genetic testing services for people with MND Trust services 11/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0574 Response FOI/2023/0574 - Waiting list for a non-urgent X-ray Imaging 10/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0573 Response FOI/2023/0573 - Prothestic and orthortic services Trust services 10/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0572 Response FOI/2023/0572 - Cancer cancelled appointments Cancer 09/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0569 Response FOI/2023/0569 - Treatment for Ruxolitinib Pharmacy 09/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0568 Response FOI/2023/0568 - Adverse reactions to the Astra Zeneca Covid vaccine Covid-19 09/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0566 Response FOI/2023/0566 - Structure chart for IM &T, Business Intelligence, Informatics Organisational structure 08/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0565 Response FOI/2023/0565 - Rare diseases - diagnosis/ treatment for Fabry/ Gaucher/ Pompe Pharmacy 08/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0564 Response FOI/2023/0564 - Midwifery staff details Human resources 08/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0563 Response FOI/2023/0563 - Treatment for Haemophilia B and Von Willebrand disease Pharmacy 07/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0561 Response FOI/2023/0561 - Birthrate Plus Human resources 07/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0560 Response FOI/2023/0560 - Digital maternity training platform Human resources 07/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0559 Response FOI/2023/0559 - Patients admitted to hospital with dental distress Hospital admission 04/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0558 Response FOI/2023/0558 - On-call MRI provision Imaging 04/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0558 Response FOI/2023/0558 - On-call MRI provision Imaging 04/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0554 Response FOI/2023/0554 - Training in transplant medicine Human resources 03/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0553 Response FOI/2023/0553 - Maternity complaints by ethnicity Complaints 02/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0551 Response FOI/2023/0551 - Homecare medicine services provider Trust services 02/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0550 Response FOI/2023/0550 - Varicose veins referrals, treatment and wait time Patient treatment 02/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0549 Response FOI/2023/0549 - Senior staff details Human resources 02/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0548 Response FOI/2023/0548 - Staffing by ward Safety 02/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0546 Response FOI/2023/0546 - Staff gender identity training Human resources 01/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0543 Response FOI/2023/0543 - Admin and clerical bank roles Human resources 01/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0542 Response FOI/2023/0542 - Pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) Trust services 01/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0540 Response FOI/2023/0540 - Radiology staff groups Human resources 01/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0539 Response FOI/2023/0539 - Agency staff/ industrial action spend Finance 01/08/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0538 Response FOI/2023/0538 - NHS ITSM solutions Information technology 31/07/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0537 Response FOI/2023/0537 - Agency usage for the Occupational Therapy Human resources 28/07/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0534 Response FOI/2023/0534 - Agency usage for the Physiotherapy department Human resources 28/07/2023