Our disclosure log publishes responses that we have provided under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). They are displayed by subject and in the order in which they were received. If you would like to make a request under the FOIA please check here first to see if the information you need has already been released.

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Title Description FOI Category Date Received
Ref no FOI.2023.0421 Response FOI/2023/0421 - Adverse incidents caused by faulty equipment in emergency department - 2018-2023 Safety 16/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0422 Response FOI/2023/0422 - Renal cell treatment for carcinoma and melanoma Cancer 16/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0423 Response FOI/2023/0423 - Obesity referrals for children - 2022/23 Trust services 16/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0420 Response FOI/2023/0420 - Oldest MRI and CT scanners used in Trust Imaging 16/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0414 Response FOI/2023/0414 - Operation cancelled for non-clinical reasons - 2018-2022 Surgery 15/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0415 Response FOI/2023/0415 - Contact details for senior staff at Estates and Facilities Human 15/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0416 Response FOI/2023/0416 - Treatments for non-small cell lung cancer Cancer 15/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0417 Response FOI/2023/0417 - PFI contracts/ payments - 2021-2023 Finance 15/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0413 Response FOI/2023/0413 - Care hotels for patients used/ booked by Trust - 2022/23 Trust services 14/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0410 Response FOI/2023/0410 - Clinical systems at the Trust Information technology 13/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0408 Response FOI/2023/0408 - UCLH's Recruitment and retention policy Trust policy 12/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0404 Response FOI/2023/0404 - Net zero carbon target and sustainability Estates and facilities 09/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0408 Response FOI/2023/0402 - Migraine treatment/ medication Pharmacy 08/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0403 Response FOI/2023/0403 - Patients detained under the Mental Health Act - 2018-2023 Patient safety 08/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0394 Response FOI/2023/0394 - Business continuity plans for telecommunications system/ bleep/ switchboard Trust planning 07/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0395 Response FOI/2023/0395 - Fires reported/ faulty fire alarms - 2022/23 Safety 07/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0396 Response FOI/2023/0396 - Compensation paid for maternity claims 2022/23 Complaints 07/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0397 Response FOI/2023/0397 - SNOMED codes Patients 07/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0399 Response FOI/2023/0399 - Patient deaths while waiting to receive planned care/ patients waiting more than 18 weeks - 2022 Patients 07/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0401 Response FOI/2023/0401 - Patient treatments for brain tumour from 2018-2022 Patient treatment 07/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0390 Response FOI/2023/0390 - Master vendor/ temporary staffing workforce services Human resources 06/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0391 Response FOI/2023/0391 - Senior staff contact details - surgical, medical and elective care Human resources 06/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0392 Response FOI/2023/0392 - Treatment/ medication for biologic medicines in gastroenterology Pharmacy 06/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0393 Response FOI/2023/0393 - Social listening list for social media posts monitored by the Trust Trust services 06/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0383 Response FOI/2023/0383 - Cataract referrals Trust services 05/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0384 Response FOI/2023/0384 - Cyber security attacks 2020-2022 Security 05/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0387 Response FOI/2023/0387 - Pride Month 2023 Finance 05/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0385 Response FOI/2023/0385 - IT services staff contact details Human resources 05/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0386 Response FOI/2023/0386 - Sickle Cell staffing and patients Human resources 05/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0378 Response FOI/2023/0378 - Study leave entitlement/ reimbursement of study leave expenses for salaried GPs Human resources 05/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0379 Response FOI/2023/0379 - MDT meetings in relation to tailgut cysts Patients 05/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0380 Response FOI/2023/0380 - Flexible nurse bank rates/ spend March 2023 Finance 05/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0381 Response FOI/2023/0381 - Apprenticeship Levy - total paid into apprenticeship service accounts 2020/21 - 2022/23 (Part 2) Finance 05/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0376 Response FOI/2023/0376 - Director of Estate and Facilities/ Head of Patient Experience contact details Human resources 02/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0377 Response FOI/2023/0377 - Upfront charges to overseas visitors, migrants and former UK residents Finance 02/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0374 Response FOI/2023/0374 - Stillbirths, neonatal deaths, maternal deaths at Trust from 2018 - 2022 Women's health 01/06/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0373 Response FOI/2023/0373 - Reporting on CQUIN CCG2: antibiotic prescribing for UTI in adults aged 16+ Clinical governance 31/05/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0368 Response FOI/2023/0368 - Apprenticeship Levy - 2019-20 to 2022/23 (Part 1) Finance 31/05/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0369 Response FOI/2023/0369 - Good Governance Institute spend at the Trust Finance 31/05/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0370 Response FOI/2023/0370 - Trust’s total budget/ spend for inpatient food for 2018 - 2022 Finance 31/05/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0371 Response FOI/2023/0371 - Long Covid paediatric hub Covid-19 31/05/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0364 Response FOI/2023/0364 - Mental health therapy waiting times Trust services 30/05/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0367 Response FOI/2023/0367 - IT estate Information technology 30/05/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0361 Response FOI/2023/0361 - List of all the doctors and consultants working within UCLH Human resources 30/05/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0362 Response FOI/2023/0362 - Hospital discharge budget and staffing Finance 30/05/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0363 Response FOI/2023/0363 - External management/ business consultants spend/ fees to recruitment agencies for 2023 Finance 30/05/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0360 Response FOI/2023/0360 - Minutes of Board of Director meetings and Declarations of Interests (DoI) statements 2008-2023 Trust publications 26/05/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0358 Response FOI/2023/0358 - Diagnosis of POTS syndrome (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (PoTS)) Patients 26/05/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0359 Response FOI/2023/0359 - Medicines management/ prescribing/ formulary committees at Trust Clinical governance 26/05/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0357 Response FOI/2023/0357 - Community Diagnostic Centre (CDC) Trust services 25/05/2023