Our disclosure log publishes responses that we have provided under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). They are displayed by subject and in the order in which they were received. If you would like to make a request under the FOIA please check here first to see if the information you need has already been released.

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Title Description FOI Category Date Received
Ref no FOI.2020.0418 Response FOI/2020/0418 - Disciplinary processes/ Fitness to practise referrals Human resources 14/08/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0419 Response FOI/2020/0419 - Consultancy expenditure Finance 14/08/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0414 Response FOI/2020/0414 - Healthcare practitioner PPE disciplinaries/Fitness to practice Human Resources 13/08/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0413 Response FOI/2020/0413 - Translation services Interpretation services 12/08/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0412 Response FOI/2020/0412 - Finance departments structure and key post holders Human resources 11/08/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0411 Response FOI/2020/0411 - CAMHS Service Trust services 11/08/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0408 Response FOI/2020/0408 - Laboratory and oncology information systems Information technology 10/08/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0409 Response FOI/2020/0409 - Number of cancelled cancer operations since March 2020 Cancer 10/08/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0410 Response FOI/2020/0410 - Cloud hosting contract(s) with 3rd party providers Information technology 10/08/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0405 Response FOI/2021/0405 - BAME Covid-19 Risk assessments at NHNN Queens Square Covid-19 07/08/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0406 Response FOI/2020/0406 - Facilities management contracts Procurement 07/08/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0403 Response FOI/2020/0403 - Unpaid bills by overseas visitors Finance 06/08/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0404 Response FOI/2020/0404 - Prescribing in inherited metabolic disorders Pharmacy 06/08/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0401 Response FOI/2020/0401 - Contact details for Estates, Facilities, Waste, Hygiene and CEO of Trust Human resources 06/08/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0400 Response FOI/2020/0400 - DVT/DOAC Guidelines Trust publications 06/08/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0402 Response FOI/2020/0402 - Contact details for senior staff in surgery and medicine Human resources 06/08/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0398 Response FOI/2020/0398 - Data request for systematic review Clinical trials 05/08/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0397 Response FOI/2020/0397 - Arrangements for support staff travel during winter months Human resources 05/08/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0395 Response FOI/2020/0395 - Staff numbers and costs, agency hours and spend Human Resources 04/08/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0393 Response FOI/2020/0393 - Cardiac stress test equipment Procurement 03/08/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0392 Response FOI/2020/0392 - Cancer complaints during COVID pandemic Complaints 31/07/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0390 Response FOI/2020/0390 - ICT strategy, planning and organisation chart documents Trust planning 30/07/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0385 Response FOI/2020/0385 - Drugs free of charge or for a nominal charge Pharmacy 29/07/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0387 Response FOI/2020/0387 - Professional MRHA compliant scrubs spend Finance 29/07/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0384 Response FOI/2020/0384 - Counter fraud Finance 29/07/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0386 Response FOI/2020/0386 - Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome cases Women's Health 29/07/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0383 Response FOI/2020/0383 - Order sets and care plans Trust services 28/07/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0377 Response FOI/2020/0377 - Number of Covid-19 patients treated Covid-19 27/07/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0376 Response FOI/2020/0376 - PPE contracts Procurement 27/07/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0378 Response FOI/2020/0378 - Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) (NHS Plan 2000) Trust services 27/07/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0379 Response FOI/2020/0379 - Unsafe Cladding Estates and Facilities 27/07/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0381 Response FOI/2020/0381 - Trust's clinical benchmarking supplier Procurement 27/07/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0380 Response FOI/2020/0380 - Staff who have been overpaid in error Finance 27/07/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0382 Response FOI/2020/0382 - Haemophilia patient treatments Patient treatment 27/07/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0375 Response FOI/2020/0375 - Delirium assessment processes in clinical care Trust services 24/07/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0374 Response FOI/2020/0374 - Well Lead Review (Well Lead Framework) commissioned by Trust Commissioning 23/07/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0366 Response FOI/2020/0366 - Laundry/ linen management Estates and facilities 22/07/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0368 Response FOI/2020/0368 - Proton beam therapy centre Cancer 22/07/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0372 Response FOI/2020/0372 - Staff disciplinary action Human resources 22/07/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0373 Response FOI/2020/0373 - Orthoses, podiatry products/ orthotics spend Finance 22/07/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0365 Response FOI/2020/0365 - Ophthalmology - cataract surgery Patient treatment 21/07/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0370 Response FOI/2021/0370 - Trust policies/guidance and Covid-19 tests for staff at NHNN Human Resources 21/07/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0364 Response FOI/2020/0364 - Catering services Estates and facilities 21/07/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0362 Response FOI/2020/0362 - Maternity statistics Maternity services 20/07/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0359 Response FOI/2020/0359 - Patents and licenses Trust services 20/07/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0358 Response FOI/2020/0358 - Operating Theatres surgical operating lights/ surgical pendant lights Estates and facilities 20/07/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0360 Response FOI/2020/0360 - Tender for transcription software Procurement 20/07/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0353 Response FOI/2020/0353 - Neurosurgical and spinal procedures Neurology 17/07/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0354 Response FOI/2020/0354 - PPE for cleaning staff Procurement 17/07/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0355 Response FOI/2020/0355 - Ethnicity breakdown of senior Trust staff Human resources 17/07/2020