Our disclosure log publishes responses that we have provided under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). They are displayed by subject and in the order in which they were received. If you would like to make a request under the FOIA please check here first to see if the information you need has already been released.

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Title Description FOI Category Date Received
FOI2017130Response FOI2017130 Babies born with drug addiction Patients 20/02/2017
FOI2017136Response FOI2017136 Injuries from instruments suffered by babies during delivery Maternity services 21/02/2017
FOI2017134Response FOI2017134 Multilingualism management in hospitals and clinics Trust services 21/02/2017
FOI2017135Response FOI2017135 Admissions to the trust for any bacterial or viral infections; staff sickness absence Infection control 21/02/2017
FOI2017133Response FOI2017133 IT strategy/bussiness plan Trust publications 21/02/2017
FOI2017137Response FOI2017137 Procurement on behalf of the Shelford Group Procurement 22/02/2017
FOI2017138Response FOI2017138 Staff employed in a diversity/equality role Human resources 22/02/2017
FOI2017139Response FOI2017139 Electrophysiology services Trust services 23/02/2017
FOI2017141Response FOI2017141 Provision of aids to patients having had total hip replacements Patients 23/02/2017
FOI2017140Response FOI2017140 Dress code policy Trust policy 23/02/2017
FOI2017144Response FOI2017144 Theft of entenox and nitrous oxide Security 24/02/2017
FOI2017145Response FOI2017145 Car park management Estates and Facilities 24/02/2017
FOI2017142Response FOI2017142 Car parking charges Estates and Facilities 24/02/2017
FOI2017143Response FOI2017143 Information sharing agreements and data mapping Information governance 24/02/2017
FOI2017146Response FOI2017146 Staff contact details Human resources 27/02/2017
FOI2017149Response FOI2017149 eProcurement system Information technology 27/02/2017
FOI2017147Response FOI2017147 Trust policy 27/02/2017
FOI2017151Response FOI2017151 Dermatology locums Human resources 28/02/2017
FOI2017155Response FOI2017155 Usage of Vivomixx Pharmacy 02/03/2017
FOI2017157Response FOI2017157 A&E attendances for trampoline injuries Patients 02/03/2017
FOI2017158Response FOI2017158 A&E attendances an hospital admissions because of diet pill consumption Patients 02/03/2017
FOI2017159Response FOI2017159 A&E attendances for diabetes, asthma and epilepsy Patients 02/03/2017
FOI2017153Response FOI2017153 Car park management Estates and Facilities 02/03/2017
FOI2017154Response FOI2017154 Patients staying in non-hospital locations Patients 02/03/2017
FOI2017160Response FOI2017160 IT provision and cost Information technology 03/03/2017
FOI2017163Response FOI2017163 Junior doctors' contract Human resources 06/03/2017
FOI2017161Response FOI2017161 Supplier and cost of patient food Trust services 06/03/2017
FOI2017162Response FOI2017162 Fire safety assessments Estates and Facilities 06/03/2017
FOI2017165Response FOI2017165 Cancer patients treated with certain drugs Patient treatment 08/03/2017
FOI2017167Response FOI2017167 Referrals and waiting times for treament for female genital mutilation Patients 08/03/2017
FOI2017168Response FOI2017168 Overseas clinical staff Human resources 08/03/2017
FOI2017169Response FOI2017169 IT providers of electronic systems Information technology 08/03/2017
FOI2017175Response FOI2017175 Employee references Human resources 10/03/2017
FOI2017176Response FOI2017176 Honey wound dressings Procurement 10/03/2017
FOI2017170Response FOI2017171 Pathway for complex regional pain care system Patient treatment 10/03/2017
FOI2017172Response FOI2017172 Opthalmolgy services Trust services 10/03/2017
FOI2017173Response FOI2017173 Provision of patient food Trust services 10/03/2017
FOI2017177Response FOI2017177 Non-UK EU national employees Human resources 13/03/2017
FOI2017178Response FOI2017178 Closure to admissions of the maternity unit Maternity services 13/03/2017
FOI2017181Response FOI2017181 Falsified CVs by staff Human resources 14/03/2017
FOI2017182Response FOI2017182 Cancer patients treated with certain drugs Patient treatment 14/03/2017
FOI2017186Response FOI2017186 Cyber security and cyber attacks Information technology 15/03/2017
FOI2017188Response FOI2017188 Thefts from patients Security 15/03/2017
FOI2017183Response FOI2017183 Clinical waste bag ties supplier Procurement 15/03/2017
FOI2017185Response FOI2017185 Locum doctors in the Radiology Department Human resources 15/03/2017
FOI2017189Response FOI2017189 Cost and number of tattoos removed Patient treatment 16/03/2017
FOI2017190Response FOI2017190 Consultants undertaking private work Human resources 16/03/2017
FOI2017191Response FOI2017191 References provided by job applicants Human resources 16/03/2017
FOI2017192Response FOI2017192 Use of rostering and rota management software Information technology 16/03/2017
FOI2017193Response FOI2017193 Risk management information Clinical governance 16/03/2017