Term: 01/01/2021 - 31/08/2023

I have been a parent carer for my daughter for almost 30 years, who has been a University College Hospital patient for 14 years since she transferred into adult services from Great Ormond Street Hospital at 16.

My daughter’s needs are complex so we use many UCLH departments, mainly at the Tower and Queen Square. We also use other hospitals where UCH provide medical care and support locally. Due to this I totally understand what it’s like to live as a carer and to manage all the stresses it brings to the family unit.

I believe the carer governor has responsibility to help the trust understand what is important for patients and their carers, and improve the services they are receiving. This is my third term as carer governor and I am passionate and committed to try and make a real difference. I will be there as a voice and will be available to be contacted regarding any difficulties encountered and happy to offer my advice and any help where possible.