Term: 01/01/2021 – 31/08/2023

I have lived in Islington all my life, and consequently, frequently used UCLH services in connection with a wide variety of health issues.

As a Research Scientist (Crystallographer) I fully appreciate the value of the research undertaken within UCLH and intend to champion its continuous advancement as a foremost priority.

Currently, my main concerns are related to problems associated with The Patient Experience, concerning primarily, appointments; waiting times; and subsequent treatment satisfaction.

Having previously served for many years as a Governor at the Whittington Hospital, I am acutely aware of services that often need careful scrutiny, and will draw upon past experience in order to maximise positive satisfactory levels in these vulnerable areas.

I will also be drawing upon many years of both public housing and legal training, in order to monitor UCLH’s future proposals in relation to contracts; purchasing; and employment issues.