Term: 16/12/2020 - 15/12/2023

Appointed stakeholder governor for the North Central London Clinical Commissioning Group

Dr Katie Coleman is the Vice Chair (clinical) of Islington CCG and the Clinical Lead for Primary Care and care closer to home across North London. She works as a GP in Islington, having established the practice in 1999 in collaboration with Dr Josephine Sauvage, Chair of Islington CCG. Together they developed the organisation into a thriving inner city training practice. Her lead areas for Islington CCG include Patient and Public Participation, Integrated Care as it interfaces with general practice, actively developing enhanced Primary Health Care Team across all practices in Islington. She is also the Chief Clinical Information Officer and has lead on the development of Islington’s Integrated Digital Care Record.

As Clinical lead for primary care and care closer to home in North London, she provides the strategic clinical leadership to support the development of Care and Health Integration Networks (CHINs) and Quality Improvement Support Teams (QISTs) across the five boroughs of North London. In addition she supports the delivery of self-management support and social prescribing that will be central to supporting people take a more active role in their own care.