World Cup fever web chat - travel medicine 

This one hour web chat took place at:
11am - 12 noon on Wednesday 21 May 2014.

Make sure ‘World Cup’ fever is the only fever you get on your travels – whether you’re going to Rio to watch the football this summer, or going to Rome to soak up the culture, make sure you’re ready to travel safely by reading our travel medicine web chat. 

Our experts, Dr Dipti Patel and Dr Vanessa Field, are joint directors of the National Travel Health Network and Centre NaTHNaC. NaTHNaC brings together leading academic and health centres to create a travel medicine advice and information centre of excellence which sets the standard for GPs and other health professionals to follow.  If you need a jab to go trekking in the jungle, it’s likely that the NaTHNaC have researched what you need and when. Drs Patel and Field were here to answer your questions about what precautions you might need to take before you travel, what to do if you get ill abroad and what you should do upon your return.

The web chat was online for an hour.


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