Professional background

Dr Himender Makker is a consultant physician in respiratory and general medicine at the North Middlesex University and University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. He has special interest in sleep disorders, lung cancer and asthma.

He provides sleep study service and manages wide range of sleep disorders including obstructive sleep apnoea and obesity hypoventilation syndrome. He has developed protocols for management of sleep disorders, provides specialist training in sleep medicine, runs sleep medicine courses and published extensively including book chapters and a book on case histories in sleep medicine.

He has led busy lung cancer service since 1997 and supported national lung cancer audit, clinical trials and published a book on case histories in lung cancer.

He trained in general and respiratory medicine at Cardiff, Manchester and Birmingham University Hospitals and obtained specialist experience in sleep disordered breathing and asthma (brittle and occupational).

He worked as clinical research fellow at Southampton University for DM thesis into mechanisms of exercise induced asthma.

He is examiner for Royal College of Physicians, Malta Medical School and St. Georges University School of Medicine, Grenada.

He peer reviews original research articles and grant applications for MRC and NIHR, chairs scientific sessions at respiratory conference (APSR, ERS) and member of peer review sub-committee of American Thoracic Society.

Research interests

Dr Makker established a sleep research group in collaboration with neuropsychologists and medical physicists to investigate neuropsychological impairment in sleep apnoea. The research was funded by the CDRC grant, presented at the conferences, published in peer review journals and contributed to MD.


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