Professional background

Yana was awarded her Phd by University of Manchester in 2016 which investigated fear of birth in first time mothers. Yana is co-editor in chief of the British Journal of Midwifery, consultant editor of African Journal for Midwives and editorial board member of the Nursing Standard.

Yana has been a member of several national clinical guidelines including perinatal mental health, women with complex social problems, and obesity in pregnancy women . Yana co-founded the female genital mutilation (FGM) clinical guideline group with Dr Sarah Crieghton.This is a national group which is committed to the education and training of staff in the United Kingdom and to support women who have undergone FGM and eradication of the practice in the UK, she holds the position of honorary senior lecturer at City University, and midwifery and nursing lead for research at the Institute for Women’s Health, Yana was awarded an OBE for services to nursing and midwifery in the Queens New Years Honours List 2011.

Her clinical areas are women who have increased anxiety and fear of birth, women with a raised Body Mass Index during pregnancy, women who have undergone bariatric surgery and pregnancy, women with complex social problems, women with perinatal mental health problems

Research interests

  • Women who have undergone bariatric surgery prior to pregnancy
  • Access to maternity services for women whose first language is not English
  • Inequalites in health
  • Women with a raised body mass index during pregnancy
  • Care and long term management of women with third and fourth degree tears


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Book chapters

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