Professional background

Mr Charalampoudis is an expert oncoplastic and reconstructive breast cancer surgeon. He offers breast surgery including pre-pectoral mesh-assisted immediate breast reconstruction as well as a wide range of Level II advanced mammoplasty approaches, in order to combine sound oncological resections with excellent aesthetics.

Mr Charalampoudis trained in surgery in the UK, Greece, France and Belgium. He obtained his Certificate of Completion of Training in Surgery with Distinction from the Athens Prefecture. He has accomplished a PhD with distinction in breast cancer at the Athens University School of Medicine and a fellowship at the prestigious Oncoplastic Breast Unit at Guy's and Saint Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, where he was also appointed consultant, clinical lecturer and governance lead prior to moving to UCLH and Whittington in 2018.

He is also serving as examiner and qualified accreditor in breast surgery for the European Board of Breast Surgery. He has authored 3 book chapters and 37 Pubmed-indexed international peer-reviewed publications.

Mr Charalampoudis has worked towards establishing surgical innovation as regards wireless surgery in breast conservation and axillary de-escalation in node positive breast cancer. He is fellow of the European Board of Breast Surgery, fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and has been involved in large UK-wide landmark research projects such as the TeaM and IBRA-2 studies.

Research interests

  • Advanced breast conserving surgery, axillary de-escalation
  • Use of novel tracers in sentinel biopsy

Languages spoken

Greek, French


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