Professional background

Dr Urshla Davalia is the clinical policy lead for the office of the chief dental officer (NHSE&I), developing an oral health initiative to care for children and young people (CYP) ages 4-25 with learning disabilities and autism who attend residential and day stay special educational settings (SES). The aims are to meet the brief of the NHS Long Term Plan to reduce inequalities for this vulnerable patient group.

Dr Davalia is also a member of the executive committee for the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry (outgoing as honorary treasurer and incoming as honorary secretary), and national lead for Mini Mouth Care Matters (MMCM), an initiative initially funded by Health Education England, which aims to improve the oral heath of CYP with a hospital stay of more than 24 hours. MMCM will now play an integral part of the SES initiative and is funded by the NHSE National Learning Disabilities and Autism team.

Research interests

The management of children with complex medical conditions (with or without associated dental anomalies), the management of complicated trauma injuries and minor oral surgery procedures.