Professional background

Deborah Christie is professor of paediatric and adolescent psychology and consultant clinical psychologist/clinical lead for paediatric and adolescent psychological services at UCLH, where she has worked since 1998. The service has an international reputation for its application of systemic psychological practices in the care of young people with chronic illness.

Professor Christie was awarded a Ph.D in neurobiology from UCL and was a Fulbright Scholar before joining the University of Oxford Department of experimental psychology as an MRC research fellow. She joined Great Ormond Street Hospital as a leukaemia research fellow prior to joining the department of psychological medicine as a clinical psychologist. 

Professor Christie has received a number of awards – the Diabetes Award in Adolescent Health and Society for Adolescent Medicine best practice award for managing obesity in 2001 and the award for outstanding scientific achievement in clinical health psychology in 2004. She and her team were awarded the Quality in Care Best initiative for young people with diabetes. She was the first non-North American to receive the Adele Hoffman visiting professorship in adolescent health and medicine. She was President of the Society of Adolescent Health and Medicine (2018/19) and was awarded an honorary fellowship by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health in 2017. She is currently editor in chief of Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry.

Professor Christie has a passion for working with young people searching for ways to live with chronic illness. She is an international presenter and trainer in motivational and solution focused therapies and works with multidisciplinary teams to help them engage and communicate effectively with children, young people and families living with chronic illness and managing complexity. Professor Christie has published over 190 peer-reviewed papers and chapters and is co-editor of a bestselling book on psychosocial aspects of diabetes in children, adolescents and families.

Research interests

  • Psychological adjustment in chronic illness in adoelscence including diabetes, obesity, arthritis, chronic fatigue and chronic pain syndromes. 
  • Evaluation of psychologically-driven chronic illness management  
  • Neuropsychological outcomes in children and adolescent survivors of meningitis  
  • Quality of life measures in chronic illness.


Most recent publications:

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