Professional background

Professor Payne was appointed as a consultant in clinical oncology at University College Hospital, London in 1997. She trained at St Marys Hospital London Medical School and after qualifying spent some working in general medicine both in London and also in Haiti. She returned to London to train as a clinical oncologist and during this time developed an interest in urological oncology. She has a busy practice specialising in the management of urological malignancies in London where she works within a multidisciplinary team. She is actively involved in clinical research in all these therapeutic areas and has pioneered a programme of high dose-rate brachytherapy for prostate cancer at the UCH site.

Professor Payne's current research interests also include hormone therapy as adjuvant treatment for locally advanced disease, sensitisation of hormones and radiotherapy, maximal androgen blockade, predictive indices for bowel toxicity with radiotherapy, chemotherapy and quality of life and decision-making for men with prostate cancer. She is principal investigator in a number of international multi-centre and local studies. She is a trustee of the Prostate Cancer Research Centre and the chairman of the British Uro-oncology Group (BUG). She also serves on CTAAC, the Prostate Cancer Charter for Action, and the Department of Health Prostate Cancer Advisory Group for the United Kingdom.

Research interests

  • Urological tumours
  • Prostate cancer (special interest)
  • Active surveillance
  • Radiotherapy
  • High dose-rate brachytherapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Novel agents and clinical trials


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