Professional background

Professor Ricky Sharma is chair of radiation oncology at University College London and a scientific group leader at the UCL Cancer Institute. 

Professor Sharma is also an honorary consultant in clinical oncology at University College London Hospitals and the Royal Free Hospital, where he has a clinical practice in radiotherapy and chemotherapy. 

He graduated in medicine from the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. He trained in general internal medicine, medical oncology and radiation oncology and completed a PhD on DNA damage repair. 

Prior to taking up his current post in 2016, Professor Sharma was an associate professor at the University of Oxford, and an honorary consultant in clinical oncology at the Oxford University Hospitals.

Research interests

Professor Sharma is an international authority on the translation of radiobiology from the laboratory to the clinic and on the multi-modality treatment of cancer with precision radiotherapy. Professor Sharma leads a research team at UCL-UCLH that translates discoveries in radiotherapy research in to clinical trials to improve treatment for patients with cancer. 

The research team works on radiobiology and new drug-radiotherapy combinations for photon radiotherapy (such as intensity modulated radiotherapy and stereotactic radiotherapy), molecular radiotherapy (with radioisotopes) and proton beam therapy. At a basic science level, the group has particular expertise in DNA damage repair and targeted drugs that can interfere with those processes in cancer cells. 

The team provides state-of-the-art preclinical irradiation facilities for scientific collaborators to use. At a clinical level, the Sharma team has taken discoveries that can improve local therapies for cancer and translated them in to innovative clinical trials which have included tissue and imaging biomarkers.


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