UCLH is a specialist centre for the treatment of bladder cancer.

This means that patients will continue to receive some of their cancer care at their local hospital but may be seen at UCLH for some treatment; for example intravesical treatments (liquid treatments given into the bladder), surgery or specialist radiotherapy.

Most bladder cancers can be managed by removing the bladder tumour from the lining of the bladder using instruments passed along the urethra or water pipe under anaesthetic.

More advanced bladder cancer may require surgery to remove the bladder or radiotherapy. The surgery is called cystectomy and UCLH is one of the few hospitals in the UK that performs cystectomy using the da Vinci robotic surgical system. The majority of patients have robotic cystectomy and surgeons either reconstruct the bladder or create a stoma using the robotic or keyhole techniques which have been pioneered at UCLH.

We recognise that being diagnosed with cancer can be a difficult time for you and those close to you. These web pages give you an overview of the expert care you can expect to receive at UCLH. You will also be introduced to the different types of healthcare professional you may meet along the way.

As a designated centre for bladder cancer we provide expert medical and nursing care, and have a range of clinical trials available to our patients, pioneering new treatment approaches.

Patient contact

Other contact information

Simone Watson, admin team leader
Telephone: 020 3447 7031
Email: simone.watson@nhs.net

Clinical enquiries (Clinical Nurse Specialists)
9am - 3pm Monday – Friday (excluding bank holidays)

Richard Weston, Macmillan Bladder Clinical Nurse Specialist
Email: richard.weston2@nhs.net

Hilary Baker, Macmillan Lead Clinical Nurse Specialist for Uro-oncology
Email: hilary.baker2@nhs.net

Kay Boyer, Macmillan Bladder Clinical Nurse Specialist 
Email: kay.boyer1@nhs.net 
Tel: 07977 079 333

Administrative enquiries
9am - 3pm Monday – Friday (excluding bank holidays)



Bladder cancer services
UCLH at Westmoreland Street
16-18 Westmoreland Street
London, W1G 8PH

Other referral information

2-Week Wait Referrals

Please send all 2-week wait referrals for all urological cancers via the following channels:

Email: uclh.2ww@nhs.net

Fax: 0203 447 9932

Phone: 0203 447 9599

Access to patient results

Results will be included in letters to GPs and consultants. However, GPs can also contact the relevant PA by phone or post.

Referral queries

For queries after a 2-week wait referral has been confirmed to have been received, or for non-2-week wait referrals, please contact Simone Watson, admin team leader at simone.watson@nhs.net.

Referral address

Bladder cancer
Cancer services
3rd Floor, West Wing
250 Euston Road
London, NW1 2PB