If your child has been referred after the newborn hearing screen you will be booked into a special clinic for more detailed testing of your baby’s hearing. 

The following tests are used to test your baby’s hearing:

  • Auditory brainstem evoked response (ABR)
  • Oto-acoustic emissions (OAEs)
  • Tympanometry

Your baby needs to be asleep. If your baby does not sleep we are able to offer melatonin to encourage sleep.

  • We need to test your baby when very young. Please try not to cancel appointments because delays make it difficult for us to test your baby.
  • Please make sure that your baby is awake, hungry and tired when you arrive. We need your baby to settle quickly after a feed and sleep soundly while the tests are done. You will be told the best time to feed.
  • Remember to bring a feed and spare nappies
  • If your baby does not fall asleep within an hour we may not be able to complete testing. If this happens, we will book another appointment.
  • The appointment can take a long time, Please be prepared to spend a whole half day here.
  • Parking is difficult in this area
  • Download our patient information leaflet