We see children over the age of eight years with difficulties suggestive of auditory processing disorder with:

  • Normal intelligence
  • Normal audiometric thresholds
  • Significant concerns about the child’s listening/auditory response i.e.
    • Hearing in situations where there is completing background noise
    • Hearing and understanding what is heard when the speech signal is degraded e.g. on the telephone, in noisy classrooms
    • Responding to and processing auditory information e.g. rapid speech, strong accents, sequenced information and auditory memory
    • Maintaining auditory attention in a variety of situations

In the absence of a neurodevelopmental condition which may otherwise account for the symptoms

This is a multi-disciplinary assessment which involves an initial clinic appointment where the child will be seen by an audiovestibular physician, a specialist speech & language therapist and a specialist teacher of the deaf. Hearing will be tested. If further evaluation is needed to look in more detail at the hearing difficulties it will be planned at that first appointment.

  • Full assessment for APD and related difficulties if indicated
  • Advice on management of APD
  • Medical investigation of causes of APD
  • Referral onto other services if unlikely to be APD

  • Dr Harrop-Griffiths, audiovestibular physician
  • Mrs Julie Hare, specialist speech and language therapist
  • Mr John Ford, specialist teacher of the deaf
  • Mr Daniel de Val, auiological scientist
  • Ms Joanne Benne, audiological scientist
  • Dr Zara Jay, clinical psychologist

  • NHS e-Referral Service (formally Choose and Book referrals)
  • General practitioners (GPs)
  • Consultant paediatricians
  • ENT surgeons
  • Audiovestibular physicians

Clinics are held on a monthly basis.