We see children with complex developmental problems who are difficult to test and who find it hard to comply with traditional audiometric assessment.

The aim of this clinic is to obtain accurate hearing thresholds and/or functional hearing information in children with complex needs who are difficult to assess, providing each child with time and support to maximise compliance and to reduce the overall number of appointments required to establish hearing thresholds

  • Medical information detailing any underlying medical condition, past history, current developmental profile and summary of previous audiological assessments
  • Details of school/nursery
  • Contact details of teacher of the deaf, if appropriate 

  • The child is referred back to the referrer for further management if hearing is normal or if second opinion
  • Hearing aid prescription and review if a hearing impairment is identified

Twice monthly

We provide a holistic, child-centred, multi-disciplinary service which includes:

  • Hearing evaluation appropriate to the child’s development: distraction, visual reinforcement audiometry, pure tone audiometry, tympanometry, oto-acoustic emissions, stapedial reflexes, auditory brain-stem evoked response for thresholds and latencies.

  • Individual management plan for each child and family
  • Advice on development of hearing, listening, language and communication skills
  • Medical aetiological investigations including blood, urine and radiology
    Medical management of treatable conditions identified including otitis media with effusion
  • Where appropriate hearing aid prescription and fitting
  • Advice on medical and surgical management
  • Advice on choices about communication and education available to families of deaf children
  • Information about local and national support groups/societies
  • Liaison with relevant agencies

  • Dr Breege MacArdle
  • Mrs Maria Viray
  • Mr John Ford