Young people from the age of 12 to 19 years with permanent hearing loss are seen in the general paediatric audiovestibular medicine and ENT clinics.

There is a formalised process, taking place over several years, which facilitates transition and seamless transfer to adult audiovestibular services.

This involves:

  • Review and explanation of the type and degree of deafness
  • Completion and explanation of medical investigations into the cause of deafness
  • Assessment of a young person’s competences concerning self-advocacy and independent health care behaviour, including hearing aid management.
    Assessment of the young person’s hearing, listening, language and communication skills
  • Advice about assistive listening devices and disability allowance
  • Advise about how to access help from education or social services once they commence college or university
  • Advice about voluntary agencies who provide support and information.
    Opportunity for the young person to have questions answered and to be supported in acquiring independence in managing health care needs.

The young adult can decide if they wish to have their future adult care with their local service or be referred to the adult audiovestibular  medicine service at Royal National ENT and Eastman Dental Hospitals which runs a young adult clinic with an identified key worker who is the specialist nurse.