What service users say

“RESPOND exceeded our expectations… it’s six months that we are in the UK and that day was the first day with someone listening to us, answering many questions which were relevant for us.” 

“I couldn’t say anything to anyone before. But in that interview, I told all of my problems to that person. I felt safe to say it.” 

“Because we are refugees, sometimes people don’t treat me in a good way. But when I was at the appointment, they treated us like normal people, normal citizens. And I think that’s the most important thing for me.” 

What service providers say

”If you don’t know how the system works, you don’t speak English, you feel unconfident or you have mental health problems it can be difficult to access the GP…having an assertive outreach team is important.” Health visitor

There is a real gap in provision and knowledge in care for asylum seekers...it’s what the NHS needs…that structure and training…and an evidence-based approach to deal with a whole lot of complex needs that may arrive in bulk.” Third Sector GP

"Respond is an amazing service – the patients have had a really holistic assessment and received lots of support before coming to us." GP