UCLH has been key to the research response to COVID-19.

We made a significant contribution to the trial of the COVID-19 vaccine developed by the University of Oxford. The vaccine has now been shown to be effective at preventing COVID-19 and offer a high level of protection.

We are also trialling the vaccine developed by Imperial College London.

At the height of the pandemic UCLH clinicians worked with UCL and Mercedes F1 engineers to develop a life-saving breathing aid now used in over 120 NHS hospitals.

UCLH has been part of the trial that found the steroid dexamethasone may substantially reduce mortality in severely ill COVID-19 patients. The drug is now in use in the NHS as a treatment for severe COVID-19.

And the drug remdesivir that has been trialled at UCLH has now been approved for use following evidence that the drug can shorten recovery time in hospitalised patients.

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, UCLH paused all trials unless they were related to COVID-19, or where the treatment involved was essential for serious or life-threatening conditions.

UCLH is now restarting paused trials where it is safe and feasible to do so.

Trials are approved to start again after a rigorous review looking at:

· whether the different departments, such as imaging and pharmacy, have the capacity to support the trial without impacting on current patient care.

· whether patients need any visits to the hospital which are not for standard patient care.

· whether they are compatible with UCLH-wide safety measures.

This review is carried out by clinicians, managers and support services and includes patients on the panel.