• What is 4WeekForward Membership?

    4WeeKforward membership is a low cost health and wellbeing type of membership. It is aimed at the person that doesn’t enjoy a conventional gym membership or may feel they are not fit enough to join the gym. The membership will cost £15 per month.

    It is a more nurturing environment with steady progressions aimed at improving peoples body composition, physical fitness and mental health. It can cater for people of all ability levels, even injuries and illness (see referrals section). There are 4 types of sessions that you can attend; fitness, mobility, relaxation & seminar which are explained in the class description section below.

    Although the membership is ongoing, it is based on 12 week rotations of progressive improvements for the participants leading to a 12 week special event (see special event section below). Because of this, you can only join this membership in weeks 1, 5 & 9 of each 12 week block.

    Download the timetable

    You also get off peak gym access as part of this membership, times shown below:

    • Monday Thursday:9-11am, 2-4pm & 7.30-9.30pm.
    • Friday-Sunday: All day
  • Class Descriptions

    • 4WF Fitness: Interval based exercise sessions, working the whole body. Suitable for people of all fitness levels.
    • 4WF Relaxation: Relaxation sessions based on guided meditation and mindfulness are a great way to help people switch off and de-stress.
    • 4WF Mobility: Progressive flexibility sessions that will benefit everyone of low to moderate flexibility levels held every week
    • 4WF Seminar: Seminars from expert speakers on a wide range of health and wellbeing topics, predominantly nutrition based, but psychology, physiotherapy, sleep etc also
    • 4WF Introduction: Introduction compulsory to start the course to get course understanding and measurements
    • 4WF Reassessment: Reassessments optional to get measurements.
  • How to sign up

    There are 3 ways to sign up for a membership:

    1. Sign up to monthly payroll deductions: Either by filling out an application form at reception or by requesting one via email from carlos.reis@nhs.net, you can sign up for £15 and join the on the next entry date (every 4 weeks). You sign up for a minimum of 3 payroll deductions.
    2. Apply for free for 4 weeksby completing the form at the bottom of this page. Once you apply you will join the waiting list and informed when your space has become available. This may take a few months.
    3. Get referred from Occupational Health: You can get a referral from Occupation Health Nurse, Consultant, Physiotherapist or anyone from Staff Psychosocial Welfare Service. Ask them in your appointment. Once the referral has gone through you will be contacted about starting on the next entry date (every 4 weeks).
  • Who is eligible for 4WeekForward Membership?

    Anyone that works for UCLH can become a 4WeekForward member. We will be extending other organisations eligibility to this membership type in the near future. When this changes, this section will state who may also be eligible.
  • Special Events

    Each 12 weeks we will be celebrating a different aspect of health and wellbeing with a special week, similar in nature to our successful ‘relaxation week’ from 2017 in which 82 members of UCLH staff attended a number of different sessions including seminars, yoga and meditation.

    Each 12 weeks we will also be hosting our long standing successful ‘fitness testing day’ which will be for all members, not just 4WeekForward members.

    Keep an eye out for advertisements and announcements about these in the future.

  • History

    The scheme was developed late in 2015 following the release of the ‘NHS 5-year forward view’ and the pledge to improve the health of the workforce, which in turn would help improve patient care. It started with a pilot course of 14 participants and has progressed to the membership that it has just become by guiding over 200 different individuals and running 10 courses of 8-12 weeks long over the years.

    In early 2017 the scheme won two industry awards for its innovation and level of help for workers.

 4WeekForward free membership submission

Select the ‘Free Membership’ option if you would like to apply for a free 4 week membership.

  • In the message section please include your mobile number and personal email address if you would like us to contact you using these.
  • You will be added to the waiting list and The 52 Club will let you know when your free space has come up one month before the start date.

Select the ‘Referral’ option if you are a member of staff from Occupational Health or Staff Psychological Welfare Services and are referring someone.

  • Put enter details of the person that you are referring into the main message box
  • In the messages section please put your contact details down as the referee and the reasons for referral (with the persons' permission).
  • The individual that you are referring will be contacted within 2 weeks to discuss starting the membership.