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    Bootcamp is an intense 30 minute, full body work out. Using a variety of drills and equipment you will be challenged to get leaner, quicker and stronger. It caters for more than one goal but expending energy is a big focus of the class, due to its intense nature. Ideal for fat loss and weight maintenance. Be prepared to work hard and interact with the group in order to achieve the best results. Remember to bring water.

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 Your instructor

Kevin Coulter

The main philosophy developed by Kevin over the years is a progressive and sustainable approach.

Over the last 6 years Kevin has helped clients achieve consistent results through tailored coaching and planning.

Providing constant support and helping create stronger and leaner bodies.

A key focus for Kevin is nutrition and bringing that diet and training together to help with fat loss and hypertrophy (Building muscle).

If you want to get fitter, stronger and look better then Kevin will look into every lifestyle factor in order to ensure you hit your goal.

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