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  • Our 52 Club team

    Our team of highly-qualified, friendly staff are on hand to help you, whatever your health and fitness goals may be - whether you're training for your first 5k, running a marathon, or are simply looking for ways to get fit, our experts will have been there and can help you reach your goal. 
    You'll get a fitness assessment at your induction which will be reviewed regularly - but if you need more support, personal training is available at additional cost.

James Carolan

James is a friendly and approachable teacher. His classes are dynamic and challenging with helpful adjustments to guide you into the postures.

Having trained as a professional dancer at the Arts Educational School he understands the effect that stress can have on the mind and body and the benefits that yoga can have on dealing with this and other health related conditions. James gained his yoga teaching diploma at The Power Yoga Company- Fulham, with Stewart Gilchrist. His other qualifications in Holistics massage (Richdales Institute) , Tuina medical massage (Bodyharmonics Centre), Traditional Indonesian massage (Bodyharmonics Centre), Acupuncture (Bodyharmonics Centre), and Thai yoga massage (Shen mantra) have all contributed in making James a well rounded teacher.

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Joe Cook

Hi I’m Joe, I started at the 52 Club in September 2018. I’m qualified in fitness and Personal Training. I used to play Rugby but no longer, just stick to the gym!

I believe good sleep is the key to recovery and benefitting from an exercise-led healthy lifestyle.

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Kevin Coulter

The main philosophy developed by Kevin over the years is a progressive and sustainable approach.

Over the last 6 years Kevin has helped clients achieve consistent results through tailored coaching and planning.

Providing constant support and helping create stronger and leaner bodies.

A key focus for Kevin is nutrition and bringing that diet and training together to help with fat loss and hypertrophy (Building muscle).

If you want to get fitter, stronger and look better then Kevin will look into every lifestyle factor in order to ensure you hit your goal.

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Davina Davis Butchers

Hatha and Vinyasa flow Yoga - with Davina

Hatha comes from two words – Ha stands for sun and Tha is the moon. So it’s two forces – the active and masculine force of the sun and the feminine and receptive energy of the moon – that join together to purify the body. Vinyasa is about linking the movement of the postures to the breath. Vinyasa yoga gives a lot of importance to the journey between the postures; while Hatha yoga is about the postures only. This yoga with its flowing movement and fast pace, builds heat in the body and stretches the muscles of the body. Like all styles of yoga, Vinyasa has both mental and physical benefits. Physically, toxins are released and your body re-energised. Mentally, the synchronized breathing relaxes your mind and helps to release any blockage of energy flow throughout your body.

I teach and embrace Yoga, in order to share with others so that it can also support their own individual journeys.

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Joe De Pina

I come from the best land down under (that is New Zealand for the misinformed, don’t believe the Aussies – they are just jealous). I have been a fitness instructor/personal trainer for over 5 years, with the last 2 years at The 52 Club. I believe that exercise should be enjoyed so I try my best to make it fun. With my keen interest in martial arts and nutrition I am guaranteed to keep you “Fighting Fit”.

When I am not at the gym you will probably find me watching or participating in some sort of sporting event. Everyone should be aware that my taste in music is widely remarked upon and that I am notoriously bad at press-ups.

Personal training

I have been helping my clients achieve sustainable results in health & wellbeing for over 4yrs. My focus is helping people to make simple, constructive changes to their nutrition, lifestyle and activity level. I provide individually tailored, progressive coaching that allows them to consistently achieve positive results.

I offer support with body composition (fat loss & muscle gain), improving posture, increasing strength, speed, power & stamina, as well as correcting exercise technique.

Sessions are fun and interesting as well as effective. Make training with me the first step on your path to a healthier, fitter you!!

I now am only available 1 weekend per month, but will be delivering a boxing based class on the Saturday mornings that I am in - email me if you want to book

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Chris Dodd

I have been practicing Shorinji Kempo for a little over 25 years, and have also practiced a few other martial arts, including Karate, Aikido and Muay Thai.

My other main interest is in Buddhism, particularly Japanese Shin Buddhism and I also have an interest in Meditation and Mindfulness and Japanese culture in general.

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Chris Gibbs

Chris Gibbs has been a massage therapist for 13 years. His specialties include acupressure, reflexology and sports massage. He spent his first 5 years of practice working alongside a medical osteopath, which helped him develop specialised massage skills to alleviate stress, pain, injury and tension acquired during occupational, domestic and sporting activities.

During the last 5 years, Chris has also been a nursing assistant, staff massage therapist and back care trainer for the NHS at Oxford’s neuroscience department, which has provided a great understanding of the stress, strains and injuries that relate to hospital work. He has also worked at UCLH for the last 3 years, providing specialist massage services for cancer patients and staff at the Macmillan centre and in the main hospital. Chris regularly helps staff with conditions, such as: back ache, shoulder pain and tension, neck pain, sciatica, headaches, work stress, joint problems, sleep issues and digestive problems.  He is a professional member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and regulated by the Professional Standards Authority.

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Joshua Herzog

Joshua Herzog

I’ve been working in gyms since late 2009, and I haven’t stopped learning and loving every moment of it since. With an adaptive and flexible approach to health and wellbeing, I believe that the gym should be a safe space where we all leave the world at the door and enjoy making our bodies and minds better.

I have been an active personal trainer since 2011, training a wide variety of clients, from muscle gain to weight loss. My main passion is injury prevention, rehabilitation and functional fitness, with a bit of body sculpting too.

I'm also passionate about my studio teaching, where I love to plan and teach all manner of classes, including pilates, kettlebells, spin and meditation. So expect to start seeing more and more of me in the studios.

More than anything, I believe that your health club should be a place for you. It should be a fun facet of your life that you enjoy and anticipate, and my goal is to make that happen for you.

So I’ll see you soon, in the gym.

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Edgar Leite

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Giovanna Monachello

I am a newly qualified, enthusiastic Personal Trainer.

I am here to help you achieve the goals you desire. I will work with you to help find the best way to exercise that works for you and I will develop a programme that is tailored for your wants and needs. I will help guide you, motivate you through the rough, and praise you through your victories.

As a female, I can offer a different aspect to training that someone may look for in a trainer; so ladies this may be for you! Don’t be discouraged gentlemen, I am still happy to work with you as well. This new service will be adding to my experience in the Studios, you will not be able to get rid of me so easily! I intend to encourage you to still enjoy my Spanish flavour music in 52 Club Spin, Kettlebells, Tabata, Fat Loss and Suspension Training group fitness classes.

My contact is , or come in and book an initial consultation.

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Steve Owen Jones

I am a compassionate and thorough trainer. I have trained hundreds of clients with over four thousand training hour’s experience. My specialist areas are in pain management, movement analysis, postural dysfunction and performance training. I hold an MSc in Strength & Conditioning and am a qualified sports massage therapist. If you’re looking for an experienced trainer and/or therapist let’s arrange a free consultation.

You will mainly find me posting on Instagram about my indoor & outdoor climbing escapades and the struggles of renovating a house!

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Kate Pepper

I have over 17 years experience in teaching exercise as a qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor. I mainly teach circuit classes, indoor cycling and Pilates.

On Mondays, I teach  HIIT – a high intensity interval class using your bodyweight and resistance bands to focus on cardio and strength training, on Thursdays you can find me teaching spin and then on Wednesdays lunchtime and the evening of Thursday I am sharing the Pilates- focussing on correcting posture, muscle recruitment and breathing patterns. All of my classes are open to all levels of participant.

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Ruth Preece

I have been in leisure management for 18 years, yikes that is scary when you write it down! Before coming to the 52 Club in 2005 I was managing the second best municipal golf course in the UK after St Andrews, a place called Panshanger in Welwyn Garden City. Personally I have always been interested in health and wellbeing, being in St Johns ambulance as a teenager, a nurse from school then a first aider, then first aid instructor, lifeguard and last year I became a Nutritional Therapist which is currently being healthily employed at the 52 Club in the Four Week Forward programme here.

My passions are homeopathy, skiing, rugby union (Northampton Saints) and ‘tripettes’ especially in this country with a city break .

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Carlos Reis

I come from Portugal and live in London, which I have made my home. I am a new member of the full time team at the 52 Club on reception and my history is in administration of the building industry and accounting data entry. I look forward to welcoming all to our friendly Club.

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Olga Ribaka

I have been teaching dance and fitness for 16 years now. I am Level 2 Exercise to Music, Level 3 Personal Trainer and Level 3 Pilates fitness instructor as well as I have Diploma in Dance and Culture Management. In life it is all about balance that is why I teach different type of classes - Body Pump, Pilates, Zumba, LBT, Total Body Conditioning, Age Vitality, RPM, Step and dance.

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Anthony Savvides

The 52 Club team have been a very welcoming and supportive environment from the day I started. I’ve always had an interest in health and fitness which is why I wanted to start working in this environment. The fact that I have spent most of my free time at the gym since I was 16 years old really indicates how passionate and eager I am to enjoy a career in health and fitness. My main goals for the future are to achieve my level 2 in fitness instructing and then level 3 in personal training.

Going to the gym isn’t my only satisfaction in life. I’m a huge lover of music and enjoy travelling. I have one philosophy when it comes to training and getting yourself in the best position physically and mentally, and that is that if you stay dedicated, focused and consistent, you WILL see results.

 I feel very driven and inspired to achieve and constantly improve at something that I love doing, and the fact that I’m being paid to do something I love is a bonus.

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Maria Stylianou

With my experience and knowledge I can provide the training and motivation needed in order for you to achieve your goals and enjoy your training sessions.

Whether your goals are sport specific or looking to tone up, lose weight or increase strength I’ll help you through tailored exercise programmes and advice. If you simply want to improve your relationship with fitness, health or nutrition, together we will discover effective ways that will take you closer to a happier and healthier you!

Please contact me on if you need more information, or to arrange a consultation.

I am here to help you in making a positive change!

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Donna Torrance

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Katie Young

Katie has loved dancing for as long as I can remember. Beginning with ballet at the age of 4, progressing to salsa and flamenco in high school, transitioning to blues and ballroom during university, then starting swing in the UK, she has had a wide array of influences on her dancing style.

As someone who dreaded P.E. classes throughout her younger years, she made the practical realisation that exercise is a necessary part of life after packing on the pounds one summer holiday after university (eating gelato at every meal may not have been the best idea…). In an attempt to regain her figure, she attended a local Zumba class. To her surprise, she absolutely loved it! She immediately became hooked by the bold Latin beats and was soon attending every class she could find, sometimes even going to multiple sessions a day.

After shimmying and shaking her way through a number of Zumbathons, she decided to take my love of dance cardio to the next level and became a certified fitness instructor. She subsequently progressed to teach in top gyms across the US, Canada and the UK. Since moving to England from San Francisco five years ago, she has enjoyed inspiring Londoners to sweat and smile through intense, dance-focused workouts. She's ecstatic about SwingTrain and loves to combine her fitness obsession with her passion for all things swing.

By incorporating dance moves, fitness can be fun!

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