Suspension training 

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    Suspension training is a concept that dates back to the indigenous inhabitants of the Andes Mountains. By using a system of straps you can add both instability and assistance into bodyweight exercises. The main benefits of this sort of training include the ease with which you can add/reduce the intensity and the way that it forces your core to work through every exercise.

    Your core refers to four distinct muscle groups that surround your midsection and support your spine and internal organs. Most people will think of the abs but the core also includes the multifidus, diaphragm and pelvic sling muscles. By strengthening the core muscles we provide a stable base for movements in other parts of the body.

    The suspension trainer allows you to use a variety of multi-planar, compound movements with your bodyweight providing resistance. Due to the ease with which the intensity of exercises can be adjusted this class is suitable for people of all abilities.

    The instability of suspension training requires your entire body to work as a unit, cultivating the nerve impulses and reflexes that are so important in balance and coordination during everyday life.

    Join our twice weekly class and enjoy all of the benefits that suspension training will bring to your life.

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 Your instructors

Kevin Coulter

The main philosophy developed by Kevin over the years is a progressive and sustainable approach.

Over the last 6 years Kevin has helped clients achieve consistent results through tailored coaching and planning.

Providing constant support and helping create stronger and leaner bodies.

A key focus for Kevin is nutrition and bringing that diet and training together to help with fat loss and hypertrophy (Building muscle).

If you want to get fitter, stronger and look better then Kevin will look into every lifestyle factor in order to ensure you hit your goal.

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Steve Owen Jones

I am a compassionate and thorough trainer. I have trained hundreds of clients with over four thousand training hour’s experience. My specialist areas are in pain management, movement analysis, postural dysfunction and performance training. I hold an MSc in Strength & Conditioning and am a qualified sports massage therapist. If you’re looking for an experienced trainer and/or therapist let’s arrange a free consultation.

You will mainly find me posting on Instagram about my indoor & outdoor climbing escapades and the struggles of renovating a house!

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