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    Yoga is a range of traditional systems of physical exercise and meditation originating in India. Both the meditative and exercise elements of yoga can be of great benefit to strength, flexibility, posture, balance and peace of mind.

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James Carolan

James is a friendly and approachable teacher. His classes are dynamic and challenging with helpful adjustments to guide you into the postures.

Having trained as a professional dancer at the Arts Educational School he understands the effect that stress can have on the mind and body and the benefits that yoga can have on dealing with this and other health related conditions. James gained his yoga teaching diploma at The Power Yoga Company- Fulham, with Stewart Gilchrist. His other qualifications in Holistics massage (Richdales Institute) , Tuina medical massage (Bodyharmonics Centre), Traditional Indonesian massage (Bodyharmonics Centre), Acupuncture (Bodyharmonics Centre), and Thai yoga massage (Shen mantra) have all contributed in making James a well rounded teacher.

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Davina Davis Butchers

Hatha and Vinyasa flow Yoga - with Davina

Hatha comes from two words – Ha stands for sun and Tha is the moon. So it’s two forces – the active and masculine force of the sun and the feminine and receptive energy of the moon – that join together to purify the body. Vinyasa is about linking the movement of the postures to the breath. Vinyasa yoga gives a lot of importance to the journey between the postures; while Hatha yoga is about the postures only. This yoga with its flowing movement and fast pace, builds heat in the body and stretches the muscles of the body. Like all styles of yoga, Vinyasa has both mental and physical benefits. Physically, toxins are released and your body re-energised. Mentally, the synchronized breathing relaxes your mind and helps to release any blockage of energy flow throughout your body.

I teach and embrace Yoga, in order to share with others so that it can also support their own individual journeys.

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