Publish date: 30 November 2023


Congratulations to all those who attended showcasing posters, abstracts and presentations etc 

STanmore OutcoMes Project (STOMP) - A Large 10-year Study on Functional Outcomes from RNOH wins a Prestigious Competitive Award at the CTOS 2023 Global Conference

It was delightful to see STanmore OutcoMes Project (STOMP) from RNOH led by Chief Investigators Dr Sherron Furtado and Mr Craig Gerrand win a Prestigious "Outstanding Poster Presentation Award in the Orthopaedic and Reconstructive Surgery Category" at the Global Connective Tissue Oncology Conference (CTOS) 2023. CTOS is one of the largest connective tissue oncology conferences held in the world and took place in Dublin, Ireland recently on 1st - 4th November 2023.

STanmore OutcoMes Project (STOMP) is a large strategic 10-year platform study set-up in the London Sarcoma Service which captures holistic personalised functional and quality of life outcomes after complex orthopaedic surgeries for musculoskeletal rumours. 

At CTOS, Dr Furtado presented findings from the first year of this study, which recruited close to 100 patients. In the next decade, the team aims to recruit 1000 people to form the largest database globally, which will be significant in informing evidence-based clinical practice, providing better information for shared decision-making, patient management and rehabilitation care delivery.

We extend our Special Thanks to the Funders of STOMP "the RNOH Charity" and the Team comprising of key people including Teja Joshi, Deborah Eastwood, Craig Gerrand and Sherron Furtado, RNOH Clinical staff, MSc students from UCL who attended this global congress and the PhD students from Imperial College London supervised by Furtado and Gerrand.

CTOS saw 1400 attendees and there were about 570 poster presentations from all over the world. The STOMP team is excited to win this Prestigious Award on a Global Platform and expresses their gratitude to CTOS for recognising this invaluable work to improve patient care.

Delighted for 2 winners of best posters at CTOS :  

Category 9: Orthopaedic and Reconstructive Surgery P 497: Sherron Furtado, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, London UK 







Category 8: Adolescent and Young Adult Sarcomas P 4 Christopher Davies, University College London