Publish date: 19 February 2024

A donation of £50,000 raised by Sandip Nagar, and his family and friends, to help support research in Phyllodes tumours, a rare form of cancer.

Sandip's wife Darshana died from Phyllodes tumours in 2022. Since then, he has been determined to help support other patients with this condition.

Dr Mahbubl Ahmed, consultant clinical oncologist explains, “Phyllodes tumours are rare tumours of the breast and can vary from very aggressive tumours called malignant phyllodes tumour to much more indolent tumours called benign phyllodes tumours. There is an intermediate grade of tumour called Borderline phyllodes. For the malignant phyllodes tumour there are only 60 new cases in England per year. Due to the rarity of these tumours, there is a lack of clinical evidence as to how to manage these tumours and outcomes for women with these tumours can vary.

“We have recently developed a national guideline to help improve outcomes for women. The money raised by Sandip will help support a website for patients to access high quality information and also to invest in research projects to improve the outcome of patients in future”.