Chemotherapy involves being given anti-cancer drugs through a drip. Many of our patients will need chemotherapy as part of their treatment. Chemotherapy is given at University College Hospital. At UCLH, there is extensive experience in the delivery of high intensity chemotherapy for sarcomas, and in providing the required supportive care including full ITU and interventional radiology services.


You will be treated either as an out-patient in Day Care in the UCLH Macmillan Cancer Centre , or as an inpatient on the oncology wards on T11 (children), T12 (teenagers), T14 and T16 (adults). If you are having in-patient chemotherapy, your treatment will be arranged by a team of chemotherapy nurses who will contact you before your first hospital admission, and who will coordinate your care all through treatment.

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Ambulatory Care

In a unique innovation at UCLH, some in-patient infusional chemotherapy has been transferred from the ward to the Ambulatory Care Unit. This allows patients to be able to leave the hospital during treatments which would otherwise mean staying on the ward with a drip for several days. Patients receive chemotherapy in the day on the Ambulatory Care Unit and stay overnight in the UCLH Trust hotel facilities ( and in Paul’s House ( ).