The amputee therapy team specialise in providing rehabilitation to children and adults undergoing amputation surgery of either the upper or lower limb as a result of sarcoma. Our team is comprised of physiotherapists, occupational therapists and a therapy technician.

Your initial contact with the team is often following a referral from either your consultant or clinical nurse specialist and will be a pre-amputation consultation. This consultation will either be held over the phone/video call or in person at RNOH. The consultation will ideally take place before your to admission to hospital with the goal of providing advice on becoming an amputee, setting expectations on what level of function you may expect to achieve , what rehabilitation you may have and also how we will work together to plan your discharge. You will also discuss with the team whether you may be able to use a prosthetic limb after your surgery.

You will work with the therapy team to achieve your rehabilitation goals whilst you are an inpatient and also as an out-patient. You will be seen as an outpatient in the Prosthetic Rehabilitation Unit at RNOH.  If you are not local to the Stanmore site, you may prefer to attend a centre closer to your home for your rehabilitation/prosthetic rehabilitation. We can make any necessary onward referrals to your local team.