14th January - 16th February 2022

EARTHworks [Artists] present the work of three artists living in the UK and Southern Africa; Tafadzwa Gwetai, based in Zimbabwe, Mel Larsen and Jean Joseph in London. Created over the last seven years, the exhibition spans the period prior to and over the pandemic, epitomising the balancing nature of maintaining a practice – despite prevailing impediments, essential life commitments or geographies.

The psychological and physical atelier are counterpoised – at times precariously, within the artists’ lived’ compartments; workspace, employment or lack of, familial responsibilities, aspirations and disappointments. Therefore, the elevation of inspirational peer conversations is always welcome. All productivity is fuelled by the need to create. Notwithstanding the unremitting scarcities of time and space, the commonalities of their lived experiences are of speaking their collective truths. Operating within various levels of abstraction, figuration, fragmentations, layers and scales, their art aggregates into an aesthetic wholeness.

The group are positioned equally, irrespective of creative experience, at intersecting junctures of practice, from exhibition and curatorial backgrounds, art theory and art-based pedagogy, navigations in creative spaces, or pre-occupations in professional development.

The three are never static, but continue to explore and navigate colour, the contours and abstractions of form and their range of materials and methodologies. This is presented while remaining engaged with peers, their audience and within the orbit of creative engagement.

Instagram: @earthworks_ldn

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Information alert

All artworks are original and for sale. To purchase please contact laura.bradshaw7@nhs.net.