A sculpture made with the echoes of accidents, mishaps and slips. An inventory of strange events that tells the stories of things that went wrong.


UCLH Arts commissioned artist Simon Faithfull to create an innovative and challenging artwork called Accident Book which chronicles, through text and drawing, in the form of a book, all the accidents that have occurred in the artist’s life.  This was placed within 7 Accident and Emergency departments across London.

The idea behind placing it within an A&E, apart from its obvious content, is a reference to people’s hidden curiosity when in a waiting room or A&E department and their need to communicate their own private drama. This curiosity stems from wanting to know the reason for a fellow human’s visit to the A&E. Accident Book enables them to satisfy this curiosity and at the same time contribute to an art work. An A&E ward can be a very soulless environment - reducing the patient to an item on a slow-moving conveyor-belt of care. As with other aspects of Faithfull’s practice, Accident Book aims to humanize what can otherwise be a very alienating environment of the A&E waiting room.