Are a series of large scale paintings by the fashionable turn-of-the-century British artist Fredrick Cayley Robinson (1862-1927) were previously on display at the Middlesex Hospital, part of University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH), where they had hung since circa 1920.

The four canvases form two pairs. One of the pairs shows orphans and the other shows medical patients, reflecting the social and clinical roles of hospitals respectively. In the former pair, orphan girls are receiving sustenance and upbringing. In the latter, patients, including some men injured in World War I, gather at the entrance to a hospital. The paintings were commissioned by Sir Edmund Davis in approximately 1915 and were presented to the Middlesex Hospital, in London: there they were displayed in the entrance hall until 2007. They are now owned and on display at the Wellcome Library.