An artist residency to engage patients, staff and the public with the science of cancer and its social, cultural and ethical impact.  Simeon Nelson worked closely with researchers, patients and staff interviewing them on personal, emotional, social, cultural and scientific aspects of cancer.   Working with ideas from complexity theory, emergence, and the philosophy of science, Nelson is fascinated with the biology of the human body, how it assembles itself into a complex organism and in how we maintain a sense of self within the growing and ageing process.  Nelson worked closely with a scientist at UCL Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging to generate computer code based on Voronoi cells to simulate cancer life and death.  Combining this, the input from patients and a soundscape by composer Rob Godman, Nelson created a digital artwork depicting organisms in different states of growth, mutation and decay as a normal aspect of being alive.

For more information about Simeon see: Anarchy in the Organism | Simeon Nelson (