The London Sarcoma Service

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    The highest level of diagnostic, investigative and treatment expertise.

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    Care which is safe at all times.

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    The provision of care with utmost consideration and honesty, in partnership with patients and families, with other health care providers.

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    The constant pursuit of improvements in care through audit and research, in collaboration with other key caring agencies.

  • Welcome to The London Sarcoma Service Website

    The London Sarcoma Service is one of the largest sarcoma services in Europe with an international reputation for providing the highest quality of care to patients with sarcoma. We provide a comprehensive service to patients of all ages from the first consultation, through investigation, to treatment, rehabilitation and follow-up, seeing about 500 new patients with sarcoma each year.

    On the London Sarcoma Service website you will find information on how to refer to us, the treatments we can offer and details of our team of specialists.