Professional background

Dr Pei Lim graduated from the University of Southampton in 2009. She was awarded the masters in oncology higher degree in 2016 and completed her clinical oncology training at UCLH in 2018. She took up a junior radiation oncologist position for 12 months at the Centre for Proton Therapy, Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland specialising in the pencil beam scanning delivery technique. She has been working as a consultant clinical oncologist at UCLH since 2020 focusing on radiotherapy for paediatric tumours and radionuclide therapy.

Her specialist interests include advanced radiotherapy techniques particularly proton beam therapy, management of childhood cancers with radiotherapy and molecular radiotherapy.

Research interests

Dr Pei Lim has a strong interest in the field of proton beam therapy. She is currently completing her MD(Res) research degree investigating the benefits and challenges of proton beam therapy in children, teenage and young adults. Her particular research focus is in developing strategies to manage the uncertainties of proton therapy in the abdominal region for children.

Languages spoken



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