We offer sperm, oocyte, embryo and ovarian tissue preservation to those embarking on medical or surgical treatment which may impair their fertility. We also provide fertility counselling before and after gonadotoxic therapy. 

Oocyte, embryo and ovarian tissue preservation 

We accept referrals directly from primary and secondary care clinicians. To refer a patient, please complete the Fertility Preservation Referral form and email it to uclh.fertilitypreservation@nhs.net

Sperm cryopreservation 

We accept referrals for sperm storage for patients at risk of permanent infertility due to medical treatments. Lab reports for the following blood tests must sent with the referral and an appointment cannot be booked without them: 

  • HIV 1&2 

  • Hepatitis C antibodies 

  • Hepatitis B Core antibody 

  • Hepatitis B surface antigen 

Additional tests are required for patient whose partner is unable to carry a pregnancy (e.g. same-sex relationships) to enable sperm to be used in surrogacy in future. These are:

  • Syphilis 

  • Hepatitis A 

  • Chlamydia. 

If the patient is from a high prevalence HTLV area(or has a sexual partner who is), please also test for HTLV1 antibodies. 

To refer a patient, please complete the fertility Lab referral form and email it to uclh.fertilitylab@nhs.net.  Please contact the laboratory for for more information.