Your child may need an allergy tests.

Most commonly this is a skin prick test. We can test against several common food, pollens, cat and dog hair etc. However, as we may not always have a skin prick test for every food, we may consider a either a blood test or using a small sample of the food.

If you suspect your child may be allergic to a certain food, please bring a small sample with you to clinic.

For example, if you believe your child reacts to a certain soft fruit or cooked vegetable, if you bring a small amount with you we can use this to do a skin prick test if appropriate. Please also bring a list of ingredients or relevant food labels if available.

If possible, please do not give your child any antihistamine medicine (e.g. Piriton, Loratidine, Cetirizine) for 5 days before your appointment as this will affect the skin test response.

Please bring your child’s red book and any medication your child is currently taking to the appointment.