Join us to enhance, expand or update your knowledge by enrolling onto one of our interactive courses. We are very familiar with the needs of the dental team being at the forefront of patient care in this challenging clinical environment.

If you want to be challenged, stimulated or inspired and are looking to boost your confidence, then look no further and attend one of our courses which will give you all this and more. 

Each course is unique and depending on the type and content, is delivered using a face to face, blended or virtual approach. Led by consultants our experienced team will guide your through a learning journey driving interactive discussion, role play and simulated learning in supported environments to optimise how you manage and deal with daily issues fostering optimal patient care. We also offer observerships to support the learning experience.

  • Dental Education Manager – Ms Nicola Hawthorne
  • Postgraduate Dental Education Administrator - Ms Luisa Tebaldi

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  Description Method of delivery Duration GDC Learning outcomes Cost

Endodontic Problems in General Dental Practice NHS Complexity: Tier 1

Webinar 1 Day C £300
  Practical Treatment Planning Blended 7 Days C, D £1750

Periodontology NHS Complexity: Tier 2

Blended 4 Days B, C, D £1800
  Endodontics for the GDP Blended 3 Days C £1350

Upskilling for Educational Supervisors

Face to face 1 Day B, C, D £525
  Practical Treatment Planning Blended 7 Modules C, D £1750

Periodontology NHS Complexity: Tier 2

Blended 4 Days B, C, D £1800
  Endodontics for the GDP Blended 3 Days C £1350
  Upskilling for Educational Supervisors Face to face 2 Days B, C, D £1050
  Upskilling for Educational Supervisors Blended 4 Days B, C, D £2100
  Reflective Learning & Confidence Building for the GDP Blended 5 Days B, C, D £2975

This blended programme will cover the basic principles of treatment planning using a combination of evening webinars and face-to-face learning.

The course aims to raise awareness and knowledge of managing patients with different restorative problems highlighting the common pitfalls. It will cover the generic principles of treatment planning supplemented with condition specific planning for common conditions e.g. periodontology, tooth replacement options, dentures, endodontics, etc.

It includes integrated learning in an informal setting with interactive case-based discussion. Participants are required to attend all the webinars to enrol for the face-to-face day.

This 1-day webinar aims to provide practitioners with tips that will enable them to deal with basic endodontic procedures confidently in practice. Participants will have the opportunity to refresh basic endodontic skills necessary to provide Tier 1 treatments in practice.

This 3-day face to face course is aimed at giving practitioners the opportunity of learning about managing simple and slightly complex endodontic procedures in practice. They will have the opportunity of practicing the skills in a simulated setting.

This blended course is aimed at upskilling dental practitioners in clinical and non-clinical skills to the level of a Tier 2 practitioner in periodontology thereby giving dentists confidence in treating patients with slightly more challenging treatment needs.

This 4-day course will take Educational Supervisors through a journey of self-reflection and insight on how to support and manage trainees under their care. It will give participants the opportunity of open discussion about their challenges and tips on how to deal with these maximising the learners training opportunities.

This 5-day blended course takes the participants through a structured process of self-discovery and learning, thus aiming to build confidence. It provides guidance to the participant on dealing with challenging situation within the context of patients care and out with this.

This one-day course will cover the basic concepts of the soft skills needed to survive in today's world. Various dates available.

This 2-day course will support the practitioner and their team on understanding why people complain and what they can do to mitigate this risk. Tips on how to deal with such situations and how to write a response will also be covered.

The programme will be delivered using a blended approach. 

This 4-day modular programme will cover the key aspects of management and will tease the difference between leadership and management. A full range of topics include financing, business cases and patient pathways and service delivery will be covered. 

Clinical Observerships are designed for trainees who wish to gain experience of clinical practice in the NHS in the UK. Observership contracts are issued when an individual is coming to UCLH to observe and ensures compliance with Trust standards and the NHS duty of care provides safety for you, the organisation, and the communities we serve. 

Please note: observership contracts are available for a fixed period and costs are calculated based on days spent on clinic, fees start at £650 per person (includes all administration costs).

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