UCLH is a recognised NHS-England Specialist Centre for the diagnosis and management of Interstitial Lung Diseases

The term ILDs cover a large number of conditions which affect the gas exchange areas of the lungs itself as opposed to the airways (tubes) of the lung. Some are acute illnesses but most are chronic conditions that may result in lung scarring causing progressive shortness of breath.

It is important to get an accurate diagnosis.

  • Our service has regular multidisciplinary meetings which include respiratory and rheumatology physicians, specialist chest radiologists and pathologists to discuss the diagnosis and treatment plan for individual patients
  • In some cases of ILD we need to obtain a sample of lung to make a diagnosis. We are uniquely able to offer cryoscopic lung biopsies (see bronchoscopy tab) as well as video-assisted surgical lung biopsies
  • Many ILDs occur because of an underlying autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus. Joint clinics are run with rheumatology colleagues six times/year

As a specialist centre and with strong academic/research links we are able to offer/provide:

  • Diagnostic test unique to UCLH including minimally invasive lung biopsy and novel imaging to ensure accurate diagnosis and management
  • up-to-the minute treatments including pirfenidone for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
  • early review at the Papworth outreach lung transplant clinic held at UCLH
  • the opportunity to participate in national and international research studies
  • Specialist respiratory nurse involvement and support.

Other referral information

Relevant NHS e-Referral Service (formally Choose and Book referrals) Terms:

  • Conditions Treated: Patients with interstitial  lung disease, pulmonary fibrosis, autoimmune lung diseases
  • Exclusions: Children

Referral Guidelines

All GP referrals via NHS e-Referral Service

Tertiary referrals

Telephone: 020 3447 9102

UCLH.respiratorymedicine@nhs.netPlease provide patient’s full demographic details, including ethnic origin & NHS Number.  Please state if interpreter is required; if so, what language is needed. Transport required for first appointments must be booked by GP. Please indicate where patients have a disability.

  • Diagnosis of difficult interstitial lung disease using multidisciplinary approach.
  • Bronchoscopy with EBUS to aid diagnosis and treatment of patients with ILD
  • Open lung biopsy if required
  • Referral for transplantation if appropriate
  • Assessment for oxygen (either at night or ambulatory)
  • Shared care of patients with underlying collagen vascular diseases with our Rheumatology colleagues 
  • Ongoing participation in national and international trials for patients with ILD that wish to partake in such studies.