How to refer:


How to refer

Consultant clinic (tropical or infectious diseases)



Post-Tropical Screening, nurse-led (for non-symptomatic patients)


Emergency tropical walk-in clinic

Individuals can self-present without a referral. However it may be useful for the individual to bring along a GP letter in some circumstances.

Travel Clinic

Commissioned Service:

Hospital for Tropical Diseases
2nd Floor, Mortimer Market Centre
Capper Street
London WC1E 6JB
Private Service:
No referral required


Please contact the HTD registrar by emailing a referral to  



For HIV Services please contact CNWL at the Bloomsbury Clinic:

NHS e-Referral Service (formerly Choose and Book referrals)

Service name Specialty Clinic type
Infectious Diseases, HTD Outpatients, UCLH Infectious Diseases Infections,(including fungal and atypical mycobacterial infections) Pyrexia of Unknown Origin and other unexplained fever/inflammation, Acute Viral Hepatitis (not chronic hepatitis B or C), Bone and Joint Infection, Antibiotic-resistant urinary tract infections, recurrent C difficile, H pylori, non-genital herpes. For travel-associated infections, see Tropical Medicine.
Tropical Diseases, HTD Outpatients, UCLH Infectious Diseases Tropical Infections including fever, diarrhoea and other suspected infections in the returning traveller/ migrant.  Non-travel-associated infections (see Infectious Diseases)
Leprosy and Leishmaniasis, HTD Outpatients, UCLH Infectious Diseases Tropical Infections, Not Otherwise Specified
Tropical Dermatology, HTD Outpatients, HTD Infectious Diseases Tropical Skin Infections, rash, ulcer, nodules or plaques in returning travellers. Leishmaniasis complex infected insect bites, chronic cutaneous fungal infection
Post Tropical Screening, HTD Outpatients, UCLH Infectious Diseases This is a nurse-led clinic for asymptomatic patients who are well, but may have been exposed to a tropical condition whilst overseas e.g. possible schistosomiasis. Patients are checked for eosinophilia and screened for schistosomiasis and other tropical infections as indicated

We are happy to see any patient with a suspected tropical or infectious disease.

Appointments are by GP referral only. Many of the hospital consultants hold the only dedicated NHS post in their field. These specialities include parasitology, Hansen’s disease (leprosy), tropical dermatology and tropical ophthalmology, amongst others.

All clinics are held in the Mortimer Market building and all physicians see general tropical medicine patients in addition to special interests.

The following are accepted as emergency or routine referrals:

  • Adult patients with proven or suspected infectious diseases, whether or not they have travelled to the tropics
  • Adult patients for investigation of pyrexia of unknown origin (PUO), whether or not they have travelled to the tropics

Clinical Advice

Requests for emergency admission or very urgent clinical attendance or advice on the management of a patient, should contact the University College London Hospital switchboard on 020 3456 7890 and ask to be put through to the on-call tropical medicine registrar (24 hour service).

For HIV Services please contact CNWL at the Bloomsbury Clinic: