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Our Education Department, runs courses in integrated medicine for statutory registered health professionals. 

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Cognitive behaviour therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) is the gold standard for treating insomnia. It leads to large and long lasting improvements and is effective in the majority of patients. It is not only effective in primary insomnia but has also been shown to be just as effective in patients with a wide range of comorbid psychiatric and physical conditions. It also increases the likelihood of being able to stop sleeping medications.

This two day course will equip attendees with all the skills they will need to set up and run a group CBT-I program. It will cover the theory behind the different techniques, but more importantly, will draw on the experience of clinicians from our specialist insomnia treatment program, to address the practical aspects of running a course, dealing with resistance, modifying the program for specific patient groups and managing medication reduction.  The course will focus on working with groups, both face-to-face and over the internet, but will also discuss the treatment of individual patients. Attendees will be given a full set of handouts to use with their patients and relevant literature to support their practice.

This course would be suitable for doctors, nurses, psychologists, counsellors, occupational therapists, social workers and any other medical or allied health professionals.

The course will be run by Dr Hugh Selsick and the team at the Insomnia and Behavioural Sleep Medicine Clinic which is the largest insomnia clinic in the U.K. and has treated thousands of patients. We aim to give everyone who attends the course the tools and the confidence to start treating patients of their own and previous attendees have gone on to establish successful CBT-I programs in the NHS and in private practice.

For an application form, please contact Janet Joseph,


We’re happy to announce The Integrating Complementary Medicine course has been revamped with new content and materials.

The course will be spread over 4 days (2 blocks of 2 days (via Zoom) and will cover a look into Integrated Medicine.

This course is for Healthcare practitioners and will cover:

Introduction into Integrated Medicine for Healthcare Practitioners.

This course will now be held fully online.

Wednesday 26 January 2022

Via Zoom






Tour around the hospital and pharmacy visit


Introduction RLHIM history and services


What is integrative medicine and why is it important?


Food as medicine - update on dietary guidelines in common conditions


Benefits and dangers of Fasting


Nutritional supplements - what are your patients doing and why should you care?


Thursday 27 January 2022

Via Zoom




Sleep as medicine


Autogenic training - clinical applications, short practice


Acupuncture - clinical application, short practice*


Wednesday 9 February 2022

Via Zoom




Mind body medicine


Physical symptoms as representation of emotional distress


Placebo effect as a therapeutic tool


Spiritual aspects of healing 


Exercise as medicine 


Tai Chi or Yoga (TBC) - clinical use; short practice


Thursday 10 February 2022

Via Zoom




Rest as medicine


Mindfulness - clinical applications; short practice


Hypnotherapy - clinical applications; short practice


Bringing it all together


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Further details can be obtained from the Academic Unit.

Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine
MSK Symposium
Thursday 24 June 2021 18:00-19:30 on MS Teams

The Musculoskeletal and Manual Medicine service is pleased to announce its Spring MSK Symposium - . An overview of MSK medicine at the RLHIM




Introduction & overview of MSK service (Dr Matteo Bernardotto, clinical lead and consultant in sport & musculoskeletal medicine)


Concepts in primary chronic MSK pain


Osteopathy for chronic MSK pain with practical demonstration


MSK therapy in fibromyalgia



Medical students are welcome to attend the hospital for SSM placements or individual visits.

The education department runs 'introductory days' once a year for statutory registered healthcare professionals, giving an opportunity to sample the teaching, tour the hospital and meet the teachers, hospital staff. On the open day, you will have a brief introduction to the ideas of integrated medicine. The programme runs from 14:00 to 16:00. Attendance is free and by reservation in advance. The next introductory day will be announced shortly.

Qualified statutorily registered healthcare professionals are welcome to attend the hospital for observership and suitable training. Please contact the academic unit for further information. 

We also run taster days throughout the year. Please contact the academic unit for further details.

Academic Unit
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