Our disclosure log publishes responses that we have provided under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). They are displayed by subject and in the order in which they were received. If you would like to make a request under the FOIA please check here first to see if the information you need has already been released.

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Title Description FOI Category Date Received
Ref no FOI.2024.0459 Response FOI/2024/0459 - Trust's legal function Trust services 20/06/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0460 Response FOI/2024/0460 - GDPR policy/ guidelines Trust policy 21/05/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0170 Response FOI/2024/0170 - Nurse and Midwife referrals to the Nursing and Midwifery Council from 2019-2023 Human resources 16/02/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0140 Response FOI/2024/0140 - Operations cancelled due to low levels of staffing 2019-2023 Patient safety 12/02/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0138 Response FOI/2024/0138 - Pulse Dashboard MyChart Diamond Patients 12/02/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0133 Response FOI/2024/0133 - Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services (NEPTS) Transport 09/02/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0134 Response FOI/2024/0134 - Joint infection services for paediatric/ adult patients Trust services 09/02/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0136 Response FOI/2024/0136 - Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) cases from 2014-February 2024 Women's health 09/02/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0137 Response FOI/2024/0137 - IT systems LIMS, MIS, OIS Information technology 09/02/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0132 Response FOI/2024/0132 - Cancer patients diagnosed in A&E Cancer 09/02/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0127 Response FOI/2024/0127 - Ophthalmology services wet-AMD injections Trust services 08/02/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0128 Response FOI/2024/0128 - Post mortem cardiac device interrogation Cardiac services 08/02/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0129 Response FOI/2024/0129 - Nursing associate and anaesthesia associate staffing Human resources 08/02/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0130 Response FOI/2024/0130 - ME/ CFS/ Fibromyalgia services Trust services 08/02/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0131 Response FOI/2024/0131 - Alpha-1 Proteinase-Inhibitor (AAT) purchased in 2023 Procurement 08/02/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0125 Response FOI/2024/0125 - Dogs in healthcare/ assistance dog Policy Trust services 07/02/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0126 Response FOI/2024/0126 - Ophthalmology RTT pathway Trust services 07/02/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0124 Response FOI/2024/0124 - Food hygiene inspection Safety 07/02/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0118 Response FOI/2024/0118 - Menopause support for staff Human resources 06/02/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0121 Response FOI/2024/0121 - Migraine treatments Pharmacy 06/02/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0115 Response FOI/2024/0115 - Liver function tests Patients 05/02/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0116 Response FOI/2024/0116 - Patient treatment due to noise levels of the London Underground Patients 05/02/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0117 Response FOI/2024/0117 - Trust performance against the 4-hour A&E target Emergency services 05/02/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0113 Response FOI/2024/0113 - Chemotherapy services Cancer 01/02/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0114 Response FOI/2024/0114 - Staff details Human resources 01/02/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0109 Response FOI/2024/0109 - Dental hospital OPCS codes for various procedures Patient treatment 01/02/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0112 Response FOI/2024/0112 - Fertility treatment in 2021 Women's health 01/02/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0102 Response FOI/2024/0102 - Section 46 grants 2022/23 Trust services 31/01/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0103 Response FOI/2024/0103 - Agency staff spend for nursing, HCAs, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians Finance 31/01/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0108 Response FOI/2024/0108 - Clinical letters/ EPR, PAS, patient portal systems, hybrid mail contract Trust services 31/01/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0099 Response FOI/2024/0099 - Academic consultants study leave Human resources 30/01/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0100 Response FOI/2024/0100 - PACS and RIS systems Information technology 30/01/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0101 Response FOI/2024/0101 - Immunoglobulin drug treatments Pharmacy 30/01/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0094 Response FOI/2024/0094 - Record Freedom of Information data 2023 Trust services 29/01/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0095 Response FOI/2024/0095 - Hospital at home - Discharge and discharge to assess pathways Trust services 29/01/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0096 Response FOI/2024/0096 - Waiting lists for gynaecology treatment 2021-2024 Women's health 29/01/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0097 Response FOI/2024/0097 - Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)/ pathology IT system Information technology 29/01/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0081 Response FOI/2024/0081 - Consultant doctors headcount Human resources 25/01/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0082 Response FOI/2024/0082 - Hard and soft facilities non-PFI sites tender Procurement 25/01/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0083 Response FOI/2024/0083 - Camden MSK service Estates and facilities 25/01/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0092 Response FOI/2024/0092 - Decision to cease Salvage RARP with nerve spare in 2023 Trust services 25/01/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0080 Response FOI/2024/0080 - Patient treatment for botched non-surgical procedures Patients 25/01/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0075 Response FOI/2024/0075 - Blood products used at Trust Pharmacy 24/01/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0076 Response FOI/2024/0076 - Patient Portal contract and supplier Procurement 24/01/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0078 Response FOI/2024/0078 - Locally employed doctors at Trust Human resources 24/01/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0076 Response FOI/2024/0079 - Water procurement Procurement 24/01/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0069 Response FOI/2024/0069 - Staff bank contact details Human resources 23/01/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0070 Response FOI/2024/0070 - Treatments for metastatic/ adjuvant melanoma, colorectal and lung cancers Cancer 23/01/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0061 Response FOI/2024/0061 - 24 hour waits at A&E from 2019 to 2023 Emergency services 23/01/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0073 Response FOI/2024/0073 - Major critical incidents 2019-2023 Safety 23/01/2024