Our disclosure log publishes responses that we have provided under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). They are displayed by subject and in the order in which they were received. If you would like to make a request under the FOIA please check here first to see if the information you need has already been released.

If you have any comments or queries about the log please contact uclh.foi@nhs.net

Title Description FOI Category Date Received
Ref no FOI.2022.0078 Response FOI/2022/0078 - Clinical staff working within IAPT and CMHTs Human resources 14/05/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0134 Response FOI/2022/0134 - Plastic laminating pouches/ sleeves purchased Procurement 07/03/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0135 Response FOI/2022/0135 - Commercial clinical trials Research and development 07/03/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0129 Response FOI/2022/0129 - Cases of drink or needle spiking Emergency services 04/03/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0126 Response FOI/2022/0126 - Staff sexual misconduct/ harrassment Safety 03/03/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0127 Response FOI/2022/0127 - Provision for treatment of Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) Neurology 03/03/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0123 Response FOI/2022/0123 - Sexual assault allegations in care settings Safety 02/03/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0124 Response FOI/2022/0124 - Clinical service incidents caused by estates and infrastructure failure Estates and facilities 02/03/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0125 Response FOI/2022/0125 - Urinary tract infections in children Patients 02/03/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0121 Response FOI/2022/0121 - User licences Information technology 01/03/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0118 Response FOI/2022/0118 - Contact centre/ Call centre contracts Information technology 28/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0119 Response FOI/2022/0119 - Chemotherapy for patients with osteosarcoma Cancer 28/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0116 Response FOI/2022/0116 - Surgical energy devices Procurement 28/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0117 Response FOI/2022/0117 - Counter fraud work Finance 28/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0113 Response FOI/2022/0113 - Removal of rectal foreign bodies from patients Emergency services 25/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0114 Response FOI/2022/0114 - Number of new diagnoses relating to various conditions Patients 25/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0115 Response FOI/2022/0115 - Patient feeding and retail catering Procurement 25/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0110 Response FOI/2022/0110 - Bonham Carter House - Gower Street Estates and facilities 24/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0111 Response FOI/2022/0111 - Sides rooms/ single patient rooms Estates and facilities 24/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0112 Response FOI/2022/0112 - Trust's printing devices Information technology 24/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0107 Response FOI/2022/0107 - Data for vaginal births after caesarean rates in 2019/ 2020 Maternity services 23/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0108 Response FOI/2022/0108 - Telecom and network Information technology 23/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0109 Response FOI/2022/0109 - Complaints from the clinical treatments areas of obstetrics and gynaecology 2020/21 Women's health 23/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0102 Response FOI/2022/0102 - Medical undergraduate education - placements and funding Finance 22/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0103 Response FOI/2022/0103 - Biomedical Science/ Pathology agency usage Human resources 22/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0104 Response FOI/2022/0104 - Impact of early warning systems (E-Obs) Information technology 22/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0105 Response FOI/2022/0105 - Emergency Department delays Emergency services 22/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0100 Response FOI/2022/0100 - Physical violence/ verbal assults committed by patients and/or members of public Safety 18/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0095 Response FOI/2022/0095 - Surgica (lumbar decompression) - Cauda Equina Syndrome Patient treatment 18/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0097 Response FOI/2022/0097 - Incidence and treatment of breast cancer Cancer 18/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0098 Response FOI/2022/0098 - Agency nursing shifts Human resources 18/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0099 Response FOI/2022/0099 - Board composition and Trust annual reports Trust services 18/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0093 Response FOI/2022/0093 - Procurement of pre-printed stationery Procurement 17/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0094 Response FOI/2022/0094 - Emergency Covid funding - private FM contractors Finance 17/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0091 Response FOI/2022/0091 - Pancreatic cancer Cancer 16/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0086 Response FOI/2022/0086 - Fibrin sealants or fibrin glues Procurement 15/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0084 Response FOI/2022/0084 - CA9030 - UCLH-2609 VAT Support and Advice Services contract Procurement 15/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0079 Response FOI/2022/0079 - Job plan software Information technology 14/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0080 Response FOI/2022/0080 - Bariatric equipment Procurement 14/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0083 Response FOI/2022/0083 - Estates and inrastructure failures Estates and facilities 14/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0077 Response FOI/2022/0077 - Staff sickness absence Human resources 11/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0076 Response FOI/2022/0076 - Private patient third party involvement Trust services 10/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0073 Response FOI/2022/0073 - Stillbirths in term pregnancies Maternity services 08/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0074 Response FOI/2022/0074 - Musculoskeletal services Patients 08/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0070 Response FOI/2022/0070 - Viscosupplementation use and spend Finance 07/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0071 Response FOI/2022/0071 - Sodium Hyaluronate eye drops Pharmacy 07/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0072 Response FOI/2022/0072 - Off framework agency Human resources 07/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0065 Response FOI/2022/0065 - Vaccine as a condition of deployment (VCOD) scheme Human resources 04/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0066 Response FOI/2022/0066 - Maintenance and/ or repair of the Trust’s surgical Procurement 04/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0068 Response FOI/2022/0068 - Staff and covid vaccinations Human resources 04/02/2022