Our disclosure log publishes responses that we have provided under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). They are displayed by subject and in the order in which they were received. If you would like to make a request under the FOIA please check here first to see if the information you need has already been released.

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Title Description FOI Category Date Received
Ref no FOI.2021.0633 Response FOI/2021/0633 - Staff abused by patients Security 23/11/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0665 Response FOI/2021/0665 - Medefer referrals Trust services 17/11/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0655 Response FOI/2021/0655 - Acute care provider collaborative Trust services 15/11/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0652 Response FOI/2021/0652 - Staff member in NHNN - ICU Human resources 12/11/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0651 Response FOI/2021/0651 - IT Pathology system Information technology 11/11/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0646 Response FOI/2021/0646 - Robotics and artificial intelligence Information technology 09/11/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0641 Response FOI/2021/0641 - Number of unidentified bodies/ body parts in mortuary Patients 08/11/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0640 Response FOI/2021/0640 - Trans-vaginal ultrasound Women's health 08/11/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0635 Response FOI/2021/0635 - Facilities management services Estates and facilities 05/11/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0636 Response FOI/2021/0636 - Physician Associates Human resources 05/11/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0637 Response FOI/2021/0637 - Orthopaedic services and Arthroplasty procedures Surgery 05/11/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0634 Response FOI/2021/0634 - International nurse recruitment Human resources 04/11/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0632 Response FOI/2021/0632 - Hair transplant cosmetic surgery Patients 04/11/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0631 Response FOI/2021/0631 - Workforce funding Finance 03/11/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0630 Response FOI/2021/0630 - Transactions over £25,000 from December 2020 Finance 03/11/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0626 Response FOI/2021/0626 - Cardiac output monitors and manufacturer associated disposable products Procurement 02/11/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0629 Response FOI/2021/0629 - Hospitals under black alert Safety 02/11/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0627 Response FOI/2021/0627 - Cost Improvement Plan Finance 02/11/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0628 Response FOI/2021/0628 - Delayed transfers of care Patients 02/11/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0624 Response FOI/2021/0624 - Psychatric support discharge delays Trust services 02/11/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0622 Response FOI/2021/0622 - Income generation - Cost Improvement Plans (CIP) Finance 01/11/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0621 Response FOI/2021/0621 - Saving Babies Lives version 2 Clinical governance 01/11/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0620 Response FOI/2021/0620 - Physical assaults on staff Safety 28/10/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0618 Response FOI/2021/0618 - Number of patient admissions to A&E Hospital admission 26/10/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0619 Response FOI/2021/0619 - Clinical insourcing (not agency/locum or outsourcing) Procurement 26/10/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0616 Response FOI/2021/0616 - Overseas visitors and migrants Patients 25/10/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0615 Response FOI/2021/0615 - Expenditure over £25,000 Finance 22/10/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0613 Response FOI/2021/0613 - Services manager details Human resources 22/10/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0614 Response FOI/2021/0614 - Chemotherapy units staffing treating adults with cancer Cancer 22/10/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0609 Response FOI/2021/0609 - Maternity services Maternity services 21/10/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0610 Response FOI/2021/0610 - Elective care tracker Patient treatment 21/10/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0611 Response FOI/2021/0611 - CRN research delivery staff Human resources 21/10/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0612 Response FOI/2021/0612 - Clinical waste contract/s Estates and facilities 21/10/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0607 Response FOI/2021/0607 - Clinical insourcing/ Outsourcing Procurement 20/10/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0608 Response FOI/2021/0608 - Patients treated for breast cancer Cancer 20/10/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0606 Response FOI/2021/0606 - Trust spend on chaplaincy Finance 20/10/2021
Ref No FOI.2021.0602 Response FOI/2021/0602 - Chemotherapy units staffing treating adults with cancer Cancer 19/10/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0604 Response FOI/2021/0604 - Pressure area care mattresses Procurement 19/10/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0605 Response FOI/2021/0605 - Incidence and treatment of different types of cancer Pharmacy 19/10/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0597 Response FOI/2021/0597 - Bariatric beds/ equipment costs Finance 15/10/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0598 Response FOI/2021/0598 - Pregnant theatre staff in operating rooms departmental guidelines Trust policy 15/10/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0599 Response FOI/2021/0599 - Treating patients with Dravet syndrome Trust services 15/10/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0600 Response FOI/2021/0600 - Rota and rostering supplier information Procurement 15/10/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0601 Response FOI/2021/0601 - Treatment Guidelines with Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) / Lupus nephritis (LN) Patients 15/10/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0594 Response FOI/2021/0594 - Authorisation of mechanical restraint Safety 14/10/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0596 Response FOI/2021/0596 - Expenditure on translation services Finance 14/10/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0589 Response FOI/2021/0589 - Hospital trust declared an OPEL 3 or 4 Safety 13/10/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0591 Response FOI/2021/0591 - Laboratory/ Pathology information system Trust services 13/10/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0592 Response FOI/2021/0592 - Medical device integration Information technology 13/10/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0593 Response FOI/2021/0593 - Contact centre/ Call centre contract Information technology 13/10/2021