Our disclosure log publishes responses that we have provided under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). They are displayed by subject and in the order in which they were received. If you would like to make a request under the FOIA please check here first to see if the information you need has already been released.

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Title Description FOI Category Date Received
Ref no FOI.2022.0277 Response FOI/2022/0277 - Testing ECG (electrocardiograph) machines in use Imaging 12/05/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0278 Response FOI/2022/0278 - Surgical tables in use at Trust Procurement 12/05/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0280 Response FOI/2022/0280 - Applications or tools to communicate digitally with patients Information technology 12/05/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0281 Response FOI/2022/0281 - Staff training Human resources 12/05/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0276 Response FOI/2022/0276 - Biologic medicines within dermatology Pharmacy 11/05/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0273 Response FOI/2022/0273 - Proton therapy Finance 10/05/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0274 Response FOI/2022/0274 - Patient treatment for various conditions Pharmacy 10/05/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0275 Response FOI/2022/0275 - Biologic medications within dermatology Pharmacy 10/05/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0268 Response FOI/2022/0268 - Total bed management contract with Medstrom Ltd Procurement 09/05/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0269 Response FOI/2022/0269 - Allied health professionals job planning and junior doctor rotas software Information technology 09/05/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0270 Response FOI/2022/0270 - Local care record/ shared care record implementation Information technology 09/05/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0267 Response FOI/2022/0267 - Performance data for the CCG2 CQUIN - Antibiotic prescribing for UTI in adults aged 16+ Trust planning 06/05/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0263 Response FOI/2022/0263 - Rheumatology prescriptions Pharmacy 04/05/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0264 Response FOI/2022/0264 - Funding and costs of Xtandi (Enzalutamide) Affirm Trial: NCT00974311 Research and development 04/05/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0265 Response FOI/2022/0265 - Internal magazines produced by the Trust Trust publications 04/05/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0260 Response FOI/2022/0260 - Annual report Trust publications 03/05/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0258 Response FOI/2022/0258 - Financial management system supplier Procurement 03/05/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0256 Response FOI/2022/0256 - Heart failure service Trust services 29/04/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0257 Response FOI/2022/0257 - Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)/ agreements Human resources 29/04/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0253 Response FOI/2022/0253 - TB patient demographics Patients 28/04/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0254 Response FOI/2022/0254 - Patient treatment/ surgery Trust services 28/04/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0250 Response FOI/2022/0250 - Number of staff employed and number of new patients diagnosed for breast, colorectal, head and neck and oesophageal cancer Cancer 27/04/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0251 Response FOI/2022/0251 - Antenatal appointments Maternity services 27/04/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0252 Response FOI/2022/0252 - Translation services Interpretation 27/04/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0249 Response FOI/2022/0249 - Robotic process automation/ intelligent automation technology Information technology 26/04/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0247 Response FOI/2022/0247 - Care Axial SpA referrals to rheumatology Trust services 25/04/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0238 Response FOI/2022/0238 - Number of mobile devices at Trust Information technology 22/04/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0241 Response FOI/2022/0241 - Prosthetic knees Trust services 22/04/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0243 Response FOI/2022/0243 - Learning disability nurses Human resources 22/04/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0244 Response FOI/2022/0244 - Craniocervical Instability assessment/ treatment Patient treatment 22/04/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0246 Response FOI/2022/0246 - Adult haematology services Trust services 22/04/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0236 Response FOI/2022/0236 - Video communication software licences Procurement 21/04/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0235 Response FOI/2022/0235 - Haemodialysis and dialysis services Trust services 21/04/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0233 Response FOI/2022/0233 - Diagnosis/ treatment of epilepsy, dravet syndrome, lennox gastaut syndrome and tuberous sclerosis complex Patient treatment 20/04/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0228 Response FOI/2022/0228 - Chaplaincy provision Human resources 19/04/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0229 Response FOI/2022/0229 - Racism against NHS staff Safety 19/04/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0230 Response FOI/2022/0230 - Fabry, Gaucher and Pompe diseases drug treatments Pharmacy 19/04/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0231 Response FOI/2022/0231 - Equality, diversity and inclusion team Human resources 19/04/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0232 Response FOI/2022/0232 - Number of patients who have died while waiting for elective care Patients 19/04/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0227 Response FOI/2022/0227 - Number of cancer trackers and cancer MDT co-ordinators at Trust Human resources 15/04/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0223 Response FOI/2022/0223 - Policies/ procedures for management of patients with chest pain Trust policy 14/04/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0224 Response FOI/2022/0224 - Procurement for physiotherapy, occupational therapy, pharmacy, radiography, speech and language therapy and sterile services Procurement 14/04/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0225 Response FOI/2022/0225 - Nursing agency usage Human resources 14/04/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0226 Response FOI/2022/0226 - Treatments for Haemophilia A Pharmacy 14/04/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0219 Response FOI/2022/0219 - Clinical coding Human resources 13/04/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0221 Response FOI/2022/0221 - Asthma medications Pharmacy 13/04/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0216 Response FOI/2022/0216 - Inventory management system Information technology 12/04/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0211 Response FOI/2022/0211 - Enteral feeding machine mechanical insufflator Trust policy 12/04/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0217 Response FOI/2022/0217 - Medications for dermatological conditions Pharmacy 12/04/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0212 Response FOI/2022/0212 - Clotting disorders medication Pharmacy 12/04/2022