Publish date: 07 February 2022

The Carbs & Cals app is moving to a subscription-based service. You may have already heard from the team at Carbs & Cals.

You do have some options depending on whether you already have the app.



The Starter Plan includes a basic food database (with 3 portion values), limited dashboard and diary functions (limited to 6) and information about calories and carb values only.

The Unlimited Plan includes the full food database (with 6 portion values), unlimited dashboard and diary features, data on calories, carbs, fat, protein and fibre. The unlimited plan has the custom weight feature.

The Legacy Plan (Lifetime free) includes most of the features in the old version of the app, including the custom weight feature. Features that have been removed will be added back in (apart from the diabetes area in the Android app). The legacy plan has access to the same food database from the old version.  

Once you update the app, regardless of which plan you choose, you will keep your custom foods and diary data. Please check the App and Play Store listing for more information about this.

Information on the different versions can be found on the Carbs & Cals website hereThe Carbs & Cals newsletter can be found here.