Publish date: 09 October 2023

Medtronic have now launched their Extended Infusion Sets and Reservoirs for use only with Medtronic pumps (640 and 780G).

  • This infusion set can be worn for 7 days
  • The infusion set requires a 0.6 units cannula fill
  • If using the extended wear infusion set, you will also need to use the Medtronic extended wear reservoirs, which hold 3mls/300 units of insulin
  • The infusion sets are recommended for people using 42 units of insulin per day or less.
  • In order for the NHS to fund the Extended Wear Infusion Sets, the cannula and reservoir need to last the full 7 days

Additional information can be found at:

The team are very happy to discuss how this set might be helpful for you/your child at your next appointment with us.