Support and resources for carrying out research


The UCL BioResource is a panel of over 10,000 volunteers who have agreed to be approached to participate in future medical research. 

Clinical Research Facility

The NIHR UCLH Clinical Research Facility (CRF) is a purpose built environment dedicated to experimental medicine and clinical research.

Clinical and Research Informatics Unit

The Clinical and Research Informatics Unit (CRIU) consists of a team of clinicians, researchers, software developers, business intelligence analysts and data scientists working together to develop a robust environment and infrastructure for the analysis of clinical data.  

Centre for Nurse, Midwife and AHP Led Research

The Centre for Nurse, Midwife and AHP Led Research (CNMAR) supports nurses, midwives and AHPs across UCLH and UCL to conduct world class research that changes lives.

Joint Research Office

The Joint Research Office provides professional expertise to researchers in research management and contracts, biostatistics, and regulatory affairs.

Biomedical Research Centre

UCLH is home to one of the leading National Institute for Health and Care Research biomedical research centres.

Working with UCL

UCL’s Life and Medical Sciences brings together one of the world’s major concentrations of biomedical researchers.