Term: 18/12/2020 - 17/12/2023

Appointed stakeholder governor for the North Central London Clinical Commissioning Group

John McGrath is a newly appointed governor as a stakeholder member from North Central London Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). He is a local GP and has lived and worked in Islington for the last decade in a number of different settings, including multiple GP surgeries as a salaried doctor, local A&E departments and urgent care. He has held a number of Fellowships across primary and secondary care settings and has an interest in the interface and integration between community and hospital services, and trying to optimise this for the care of local patients.

John has worked clinically at UCLH and has two children who were born here. As an elected clinical representative on the CCG’s governing body, he is committed to ensuring that people have access to the high-quality services they need within a system that works for staff, patients and residents.