Publish date: 08 February 2024

From the 23rd January, there will be a staggered rollout of the Tandem t:slim™ 7.7 Control IQ software.

This software will enable:

  • Ability to use both Dexcom G7 and Dexcom G6
  • Ability to use the ‘control IQ exercise timer’
  • Easier toggling between the activity and sleep modes
  • New sensor expiring soon alert
  • New priority based alerts

You need to:

  • Keep an eye out on your email inbox or letter box for correspondence regarding the 7.7 updating process. This will contain information regarding your 7.7 Update ID to initiate the download.
  • If you have not been contacted by the end of March, please contact Air Liquide. Please note that Update ID/Codes for the 7.7 Software Update will not be given out over the phone.
  • Should you wish to discuss any details regarding the 7.7 Software Update, please contact the Air Liquide Customer Service team 24/7 on 0800 0121 560 (UK).
  • Inform the diabetes team on the email if you wish to switch from G6 to G7. This will only be authorised from your next Dexcom scheduled delivery date