Audiovestibular medicine is the medical specialty concerned with the investigation, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of both adults and children with hearing and balance disorders. The department aims to provide high-level specialisation in all aspects of audiovestibular medicine/neuro-otology.

The audiology, balance and communication services are led by the consultants in audiovestibular medicine. There are geographically separated areas for adults and children each with their own multidisciplinary staff and dedicated clinics. All professionals are engaged in developing protocols and guidelines focused on integrated patient care both within the individual professional disciplines and through interdisciplinary assessment and management of the patient.

Other contact information

Adult audiovestibular medicine reception:
020 3456 5651 (ext 65651)

Hearing aid centre:
020 3456 5397 (ext 65397)

Hearing aid repairs:
020 3456 5240 (ext 65240)

Paediatric audiovestibular medicine (The Nuffield Speech and Hearing Centre)
020 3456 5655 (ext 65655)
General enquiries: 
Fax: 020 3456 5366

Children’s hearing aid centre:


Audiovestibular medicine
Royal National ENT and Eastman Dental Hospitals
47-49 Huntley Street, 

Adult services are provided in the Adult Audiology Centre, bringing together services for hearing impaired adults and those with complaints of tinnitus and dizziness.

Children with hearing, speech and balance disorders are seen in the Nuffield Hearing & Speech Centre.